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Richards Floral Design (@richardsfloraldesign) Instagram Profile Photo

Richards Floral Design

こんにちは🌞 鉢が気に入ったのか、場所が気に入ったのか 暑い夏にもご機嫌に咲いてくれる◡̈⃝ 逆になーんか合わない 植物に人気のない鉢もたまにあったり🤭 人も植物も居心地の良さには敏感なのかも😊 ・ ・ Gerbera blooms beautifully even when hot🌞 I wonder if this flower liked the pot or the location🤔 I thought coziness was important🌼 ・ ・ #gerbera

こんにちは〜😊 朝は曇ってたのに晴れてきてやっぱり暑い💦 * * お洗濯物は早く乾いて嬉しいけど汗タラタラです🥵 * * 今日から の観戦チケット抽選販売始まりました✨ * * 慎吾ちゃんからTwitterで説明ムービーの案内ありましたね💚わかりやす〜い❗️ * * どの競技に申し込もうかよ〜く考えます😊 * * お昼からもうひと踏ん張り頑張りましょう💪 * * #gerbera

noah.& (@noahandthefox) Instagram Profile Photo


I struggle with gerbs sometimes because you so often see them sadly waiting in the supermarkets for someone to love but my daughter thinks they’re amazing, so today she won the gerbera debate and I have to admit they looked beautiful amongst the other flowers in this big bouquet. 🌸#gerbera

스튜디오 수선 / 삼척 플라워 스튜디오 / 꽃집 (@studio_soosun) Instagram Profile Photo

스튜디오 수선 / 삼척 플라워 스튜디오 / 꽃집

햇빛 사이로 계절 지나는 소리,

! This is how they turned out.. still fresh and looks beautiful.. referring to post from 10th aug 😘.. ! Being happy in d moment.. there is nothing as rewarding as seeing something you have nurtured in full bloom 🌸.. ! #gerbera

Leonard St Adelaide (@leonardstadl) Instagram Profile Photo

Leonard St Adelaide

No filter necessary when you this damn cute!! Next generation Leonard Street icon rocking our Gerbera Snail Print! It’s a little bit big but she assured us she needs lots of growing room!! 😂 . . . #gerbera

Origami Card Kanna (@origamicardjapan) Instagram Profile Photo

Origami Card Kanna

I finally made some Thank You Cards! They will be enclosed with your orders 😘 #gerbera (The link in my profile) made with & things, mainly ♻️ Let’s I love

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