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Courtney Edwards (@courtneylachellee) Instagram Profile Photo

Courtney Edwards

Evans || Personal Trainer (@ev_dasq21) Instagram Profile Photo

Evans || Personal Trainer

Daniel Gaymon (@danielgaymon) Instagram Profile Photo

Daniel Gaymon

🖤All The MOTiVATiON you N££D🖤 (@jon_steezy) Instagram Profile Photo

🖤All The MOTiVATiON you N££D🖤

T I N A | 🇹🇭 (@tinalovefitness) Instagram Profile Photo

T I N A | 🇹🇭

Fitnessmovement (@fitnessmovementca) Instagram Profile Photo


RichOverBroke3 (@_rtfitness) Instagram Profile Photo


Brenda Ashley (@brenash.xo) Instagram Profile Photo

Brenda Ashley

🔥AlxChungFitness 🇨🇦Spider-Man🕷 (@alxchungfitness) Instagram Profile Photo

🔥AlxChungFitness 🇨🇦Spider-Man🕷

Domi Nik ♉ (@domi_nik_x) Instagram Profile Photo

Domi Nik ♉

Gemma stacey ✨💫 (@wildrose01) Instagram Profile Photo

Gemma stacey ✨💫

ambrose carey (@ambrose.carey) Instagram Profile Photo

ambrose carey

Fit 4Life Bruxelles (@mariana_sungani) Instagram Profile Photo

Fit 4Life Bruxelles

Paul Tucker Personal Training

when you make BB STEP UP with 40kg, Split squat with 60kg and my back squat is 60kg like the Split squat🤔😂😂I would say I have a mental block with back squat😬😬😬 . . . . . . . . #gains

#GainWithBreeze 🇳🇬 (@olawale_breeze) Instagram Profile Photo

#GainWithBreeze 🇳🇬

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Stratford Washington (@mr.chicken_n_rice) Instagram Profile Photo

Stratford Washington

Another workout in the books making sure my conditioning is better for this meet is around the corner. Reps galore consistency is key.

James Baker (@jb.shredz) Instagram Profile Photo

James Baker

It looks like I was happy with this but I was really grinding this set out. One of my top exercises for your upper back. T Bar Row is a great way of building your traps and improving your posture. If you’re not doing as part of your back or upper body routine then add it in ASAP! #gains

Rob Von Bogel ( Instagram Profile Photo

Rob Von Bogel

A1. Gym got an awesome comp bench today so bench is A1 now. I'm pretty sure this is the best my bench has ever been and I haven't really been training it directly at all. Notice I only have a small arch too, for powerlifting you want the shortest rom allowable by the rules but for bodybuilding purposes, more rom is better. Mini cut begins today. Training day macros to start are: 250p 300c 60f. Non training days will be the same but only 100c. This will probably change but let's see what happens for a week or two. Excited to be eating in a much more regimented way, I personally like it Full session: Bench 95 9/3/2 DB Shoulder 25 9/5/3 Floor press 80 7/5/2 Pull up (very strict) Bw 9/3/2 Bent row 112.5 1x7, 95 1x9 #gains

Rodney Owens (@the_rodneyowens) Instagram Profile Photo

Rodney Owens

Vacaville, California

What is today? Friday. Is it a good day because the weekend is coming? Is it a bad day because the week is ending? Does it not matter? It’s interesting how we look at the days of the week, we hate some days over others. I like to just look at each day as a gift, so whatever is going on let me be happy and make the most of it. Happy flex Friday my friends

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