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As a Jewish woman I’m loyal to oppressed people around the world and those who ensure the ideals of of equality and social justice are upheld. Repost from @thatsnotrightpolitics using @RepostRegramApp - Moments ago, President Trump said he thinks "Jewish people that vote for a Democrat — I think it shows either a total lack of knowledge or great disloyalty," and blasted Democratic lawmakers who want to cut aid to Israel. This man is an autocrat. He's dangerous. He is an embarrassment to our great nation. He has done more to divide Americans and stoke hatred than anyone thought possible. We must end this. Vote like your country depends on it. Vote like lives depend on it. They do. ✊✊🏿✊🏼 @thatsnotrightpolitics 🇺🇸     #fucktrump    

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Art in the streets of Georgetown 👨‍🎨

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Every word out of his moronic mouth✔.. Give your comments!!!.. repost @lib_hard

Out of all people these Pedo ring possibly have given STD’s to minors, I look at 12 year old and the last thing I imagine is peeing on them, or not being able to control myself while talking to a woman in a hotel lobby and relieving myself into a fern. I’m not even completely blaming men anymore. There are disgusting women like Oprah and Hillary and these women who try to help girls by making them sleep with men, JUST GIVE THEM MONEY!!! They’re 12!!!! Im so sick of these demons it’s not even funny. 🖤🔮🖤 . . . . . . #fucktrump

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