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Just finished this Chocolate & Cherries quilted table cover for the deck (+ cupcakes + coffee + cake) Temptations galore! Glad it's all on fabric. Chocolate is now eaten though .....😎♥️ #foodonfabric

Couturier 'Rowen' (@rowen_couture) Instagram Profile Photo

Couturier 'Rowen'

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Me in my happy place❤️ I could go on with ‘sew’ many ‘pea’ puns for my pea-fect pea print skirt. But I won’t 🥴 #foodonfabric

Main Street Quilting Co (@mainstreetquiltingco) Instagram Profile Photo

Main Street Quilting Co

Main Street Quilting Company

Anyone hungry? We've got the perfect dinner ideas on fabric! #foodonfabric

Carolyn Morris (@caro_artslab) Instagram Profile Photo

Carolyn Morris

Clay, household paint, cornflour, food colouring on blanket results in a surface reminiscent of grandma’s Dralon suite #foodonfabric @dralon_gmbh

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