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Richard Bitterman (@iceman2k) Instagram Profile Photo

Richard Bitterman

"The Secret Place"

Picking a random spot to stop and fish up some back road can lead to some of the most amazing water, and even a few fish as a bonus. . . #flyfishalberta

Alex Frizell (@alexfrizell) Instagram Profile Photo

Alex Frizell

Foothills, Alberta

Spunky little trout out of a local stream. #flyfishalberta

Cauy Burns (@cauyburns_) Instagram Profile Photo

Cauy Burns

Couldn't have asked for a better client today. I was up for the challange of getting my mom to cast her first fly rod, let alone have her smash the NSR grand slam in one day! Slab goldeye, colored up little mooneye, some walters, and even a stinky pike! All while !! Absolutely killed it today momma! Thanks for coming up! @carlabelle6♥️♥️♥️ • • • #FlyFishAlberta

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