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IFBB Overall Jnr World Champ (@garethscheepers_ifbb) Instagram Profile Photo

IFBB Overall Jnr World Champ

Arthur Lim (@ar_tr_lm) Instagram Profile Photo

Arthur Lim

Burn Boot Camp - Athens, GA (@burnbootcampathensga) Instagram Profile Photo

Burn Boot Camp - Athens, GA

Darren Brown (@brown_bear23) Instagram Profile Photo

Darren Brown

Morgan Ford (@mdaniford) Instagram Profile Photo

Morgan Ford

Nicolette Paige (@placia) Instagram Profile Photo

Nicolette Paige

Fridays we When you take your vitamins, what happens after you pee? Any thing your body didnt use goes out right? These patches keep the vitamins in your blood stream ALL DAY LONG. Cool hey? @le_velofficial friday

Heike Ginger Ballegeer (@heike_ginger_ba) Instagram Profile Photo

Heike Ginger Ballegeer

#Flexfriday I stopped thinking about others and go to work on improving myself, regardless of my level of fitness. My will to be better overrode my fear of being physically inadequate. So I struggle to catch my breath and flex with pride today 💪 @samheughan @mypeakchallenge @valbo00 @cookieroof

Heather Hirsh (@fitburnmom) Instagram Profile Photo

Heather Hirsh

There isn’t a week that goes by that I don’t say, “get comfortable with being uncomfortable” or “embrace the burn” or “easy reps maintain, hard reps change” while I’m training a camp, no matter what location I happen to be at. . . I work hard on practicing what I preach and have my fair share of indulgence too. Tomorrow I will get even more uncomfortable than I’ve probably ever been. I’m not a competitive person, I’ve never have been. I get more excited to see others *win* ... *succeed*... and crush their PR’s!! . . So, to the girl in the mirror. Guess what, I know your insecurities, I know your strengths, I know what makes your heart race so fast you can’t even breathe and I know what calms your soul. I know what battles you run from and the ones you head straight into with guns blazing. And tomorrow I know already that you WON. You WON the moment you registered for this competition. You WON because this terrifies you and excites you all in the same. You WON because you believe in your team and your clients so much so to that you’ll represent and do this for them. You won because you are an INSPIRATION to so many and not just because you think you are but because people tell you, you are. . . I will beat this girl tomorrow because she is the only one I’m competing against, she is ME, the only I’m striving to be stronger than! Thank you to the ever so long list of friends that have reached out with their well wishes, I appreciate it and you more than you know! . . health #flexfriday

Sami Heikkilä (@heikkila_sami) Instagram Profile Photo

Sami Heikkilä

GOGO Express

Spagettipyssyt💪🏼🔥 Getting back to the gaintrain finally🙌🏼

Trainer & Nutrition Coach (@lauren_kanski) Instagram Profile Photo

Trainer & Nutrition Coach

Performix House

Get those hips and core ready for the weekend debauchery? . . Our core and obliques give our hips room to rotate and allow us to be more efficient. . . Here’s 5 exercises to get you ready to take on any killer workout! . . 1) Shin box variation - open hips up 2) Hallow hold pull over - activates deep core muscles and helps keep the ribs from flaring 3) Plank roll with reach 4) KB hold with leg kicks 5) Keiser kick stand rows *BONUS VID* 6) Our dirty EMOM finisher for some fun AFTER you take the time to do these mobility exercises ☝🏻 5 rounds: 5 KB snatches / side 5 bag to shoulders 10 cal assault bike . . Go through these in this order. The Keiser (or you can use a cable) kickstand pulls it all together. . . I am a hypocrite in the fact that I preach about how important it is to prepare your body for your work outs and am HORRIBLE about doing it myself. Shout out to @hunter_crine for making me do these today. You’re the best! . . Happy Friday! #flexfriday

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