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Reflex Cinema

Jimmy Stewart once said that he didn’t recognize his performance in Rear Window. He was implying that through ingenious editing, Hitchcock made a performance Stewart didn’t even realize he was giving. This is the same trick Fincher uses, it’s why he shoots hundreds of takes. In fact, he has adapted his entire production mentality around this technique.. . With one camera, a hundred takes is 5-10 times more footage than the norm. With Fincher, it’s closer to twenty times the footage. He shoots all his dialogue scenes with multiple cameras, at least two, sometimes as many as four. This means everybody is covered for all hundred takes.. . Fincher moves the camera very deliberately, and rarely does long walk and talks like a David O. Russell. It’s cut, cut, chop, chop. This is a tool for getting as much performance information as possible. It’s far easier to apply a multi-cam, million-take approach if dialogue is shot in a classic shot-reverse static style. He was one of the earliest adopters of digital and has used it to ruthlessly double down on coverage.. . I see Fincher’s approach as very smart. He forces his actors to give him what he wants, by getting so much variation out of them, that he can bend the arc of the performance his way in the editing room. There are many jokes about endless takes as a sign of insecurity in inexperienced directors. This can be true. But tons of takes can be the only way to get the best from under-qualified actors.. . The advice I’d give a broke filmmaker with a dialogue-driven script is this: rent two or three affordable cameras, and get a DP who knows how to do 360 lighting. Use the time you save from double coverage to double the takes for the most important characters.. . Two things make super indie productions stand out, a bold story concept and great lead performances. I found Winters Bone to be a very boring indie movie. But Jennifer Lawrence's performance was so notable that the film got nominated for best picture. If you’re willing to risk years of your life on a project, you need to make sure you get the best out of your cast. Fincher’s methodology is a proven way to do this. Don’t be afraid to push your talent.

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Brad Frizzell

Los Angeles, California

*This is my personal favorite of the set* Under the Arri Series - @robynlovecchio, 2nd AC: B Cam - This Close: Season 2 premiers Sept 12th! -------------------------------------------- **Captured over 4 days this series of cast & crew portraits started off as a one off. A single Arri Light pointed at the ground was put up to help the crew see better in the middle of the woods. I asked one of our ADs, Mark, to kneel down in front of the light and took a couple shots. With the black backdrop of the unlit forest and overly dramatic lighting the image carried a nobility that juxtaposed nicely with our rough and rowdy crew. So I took a few more, and the next day I asked to set up the light again and kept going. Each person would stand in for the brief moment they could step off set (myself included) and do 3 poses: Traditional portrait, Random, and a pose they felt said something about their personality. By the end we had moved back into the city and I had a proper studio set up in the coffee shop we were using as cast & crew holding. What precedes and follows is all 79(?) personalities that made up the majority of our cast and crew. Thanks to all of you for taking the time to kneel or stand under a blinding light so I could put this together. And an extra special thanks to Caity Birmingham for putting them all together to make an amazing poster for the wrap party.** -------------------------------------------- • • • #filmcrew

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Happy Sandman

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FEATURED FILMING LOCATION: Casa Tuleste in Chelsea, Manhattan, is a film-friendly 2,200-sf artist’s loft, w/ a versatile open layout, high ceilings, kitchenette, bathroom, elevator, office space, private terrace, etc., ready for your next film/TV production. or link in bio.⠀ -----⠀ crew

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Gabriel Bienczycki

Warsaw, Poland

Now that I'm a little bit more sober I can report that the principal production on Mayday has concluded. For a film with such an alarming name, things went rather well. Not that anyone slept or rested for the last two months but I have to say it's been a magical, fun and joyful experience. Colossal thanks to everyone who poured their talent and good will to make this happen. The leadership and vision of @samakina and @marekserdiukow 's prodigious ability to keep track of all of the moving parts got us there. The insanely funny, creative and touching performances from @piotradamczykactor, , @dereszowska, @weronikaksiazkiewicz and @porczykbartosz would make this film a hit even if we forgot to turn the lights on. What a bunch of pros... Big thanks to Wojtek Palys and Marcin Kaniewski. Fantastic work from the crew: @fuda_lee @wierzbasteadi Alex Sakhno, Andrzej Kalbarczyk, @julesjones @piotrekzimon @tymereczkowaty @cameraviking Robert Chaciński, @mns66 Artur Zgadzaj, Wojtek Kramek, Łukasz Gocał, Kuba Dłubak, Ewa Skoczkowska, Piotr Lasota, @pawel_krajewski_ @joanna.szoltysek @all.for.movies @beatajedrze @miss.leczycka, @klaudia__grochowska @kamajli @kaja_rog @klaudia.serewis @majalukaszewicz8 @malgorzataewabednarek @kffiatke @mariamarcickiewicz @adikwawa86 @zukukaczika Piotr Wyszomierski, Michal Wieszomierski and everyone else my foggy brain is forgetting. Go @maydayfilmy! #filmcrew

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