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Jorge Cosme

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CW Haircare

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JMS Photography

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Kyle & Bryndee

Investing in properties is a business, and it can be a risky one if you don’t do your research. Be well aware of your target demographic when it comes to selling your products (which in this it’s a house!). ⠀ ⠀ When purchasing an investment property, make sure you are fully versed in who the tenants or homebuyers in that location happen to be. This will affect how much money you put into the property when fixing it up, and what designs you use. You never want to overbuild a beautiful home into a neighborhood that will not sell at a price to get your investment (and profits!) back. ⠀ •⠀ •⠀ •⠀ •⠀ •⠀ #familybusiness

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Claudia Getsemani Martinez

Did you know? We also have bandanas for you family pets 🐶🐱 . . . #familybusiness

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