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Faith • Activism • Motherhood (@praywithourfeet) Instagram Profile Photo

Faith • Activism • Motherhood

Faith • Activism • Motherhood (@praywithourfeet) Instagram Profile Photo

Faith • Activism • Motherhood

Bowling Green, Ohio

I borrowed the lion image from Thinkstock. #familiesbelongtogether

DemocratsAbroad Edmonton (@democratsabroadedmonton) Instagram Profile Photo

DemocratsAbroad Edmonton

People that struggle through this harsh terrain, people that risk the lives of themselves and their children are desperate and seeking a safe place to raise their kids. They deserve a humane immigration policy, they deserve to file legally for asylum. They do not deserve a sentence in a concentration camp. #familiesbelongtogether @borderangels_la_oc with @get_repost ・・・ LA/OC was able to attend @borderangelsofficial monthly water drop yesterday. The temperature was 105° in our route and higher in other parts of the desert. Our group saw evidence of recent travel as seen by the (not faded yet) blue sweater, blanket, and consumed water bottles. The route leader noticed rocks unnaturally stacked on top of boulders and explained that they are used as markers or "bread crumbs" to help those crossing navigate. We were out there for a few hours and packed accordingly, plenty of water, gatorade, electrolytes, and snacks. The conditions were quite extreme and although we were prepared, it was still difficult. Profuse sweating, making our way through difficult terrain, slipping on rocks, little to no shade, and shoes of volunteers falling apart. The desert doesn't discriminate. Experienced hikers, physically fit people, or first time crossing migrants that don't have hiking boots or enough food and water, the desert doesn't care, it'll take you back into the earth without regard. 8 gallons of life saving water were dropped from our small group and we did some exploring for other possible paths of crossing. We were able to climb quite high and get a good view of the desert. Don't let the nice view deceive you though, there have been a few deaths reported this summer. One death is too many, and this is only through a small section of the 2000 mile border. Shout out to the route leaders and safety monitors that make these important water drops possible. We encourage those who are able to attend to please do so. Also, don't forget to sign up for our upcoming local Day Laborer Outreach Saturday, September 7th. Link in our bio.

🌺Nisha🌺 (@fleur_._rebelle) Instagram Profile Photo


Never go in of love. Go in search of ! And live will find you the love you 💙🙏 -atticus- 👉SWIPE❣

Vilmarie Vilar (@marievilar) Instagram Profile Photo

Vilmarie Vilar


Today Nikki and I talked about compassion and kindness. El Paso, Texas has been going through a lot so we decided to send them some cheerful postcards. It’s the little gestures that make hearts smile 💞💞💞

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