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Evolving Motorsports (@evolvingmotorsports) Instagram Profile Photo

Evolving Motorsports

Raya Al-khalifa (@rayaalkhalifa) Instagram Profile Photo

Raya Al-khalifa

Kelsi Jayda (@kelsijayyy) Instagram Profile Photo

Kelsi Jayda

Morgen ☀️ . . #fakeittillyoumakeit

Mrs. Garner (@coffeeandtag) Instagram Profile Photo

Mrs. Garner

Repost: Yep, I am so there! New position and no groups yet... so I’m good. #fakeittillyoumakeit

Heading into Lit Cardio like.... #fakeittillyoumakeit

Just really trying to hone in on my brand.

Melanie Shenberger (@the_savage_melanie) Instagram Profile Photo

Melanie Shenberger

Did your know...??? Growing up I had MASSIVE body issues? My confidence ranked ZERO and I constantly judged myself over everything! . . . Did you also know, that I had body issues in my 20's... And in my marriage... And yesterday? 🤦 The point of this is that I used to think that one day I'd just finally feel beautiful. That one day all my insecurities would vanish and I would FINALLY be the strong confident woman that I always longed to be! But, my dear, life doesn't work that way. 🙅 Confidence is not a lack of insecurity. Confidence is the willingness to be bold and press forward even when those insecurities seem like the loudest thing in your head. Even the most confident have their days of feeling not enough. . . . Your feelings of being insufficient are not true. If you remind yourself of this and set those emotions aside you can have a rough day but still hold your head high knowing that the truth is you're AMAZING!!! even if you don't feel like it... The more you remind yourself of the truth the easier it will become. And guess what? It gets easier and easier every time. You've gotta train and practice your confidence and eventually it will genuinely be you. I am a strong and confident woman now! Even though I still have feelings of self doubt that I have to tame. . . . You are enough! You are enough! YOU ARE ENOUGH!!! ❤️ . . . #fakeittillyoumakeit

Hailey Elliot (@hailey_ncc) Instagram Profile Photo

Hailey Elliot

We grew more things!! 😍 #🥕 The kids are enjoying “eating carrots like a bunny” 😆 #fakeittillyoumakeit

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