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London, United Kingdom

Homemade Focaccia (using @urischeft's No-knead Focaccia recipe) topped with Greek Kalamata Olives and Extra Virgin Olive Oil from @babylonstoren. Perhaps the best part is the @maldonsalt sea salt flakes. #extravirginoliveoil

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Tavolino Caffe & Restaurant

Tavolino Caffe & Restaurant

Najfiniji medju "mesima"! Nas biftek u maslinovom ulju- dodjite i uvjerite se i sami! @tavolino_restoran #extravirginoliveoil

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Xavier Menduiña

100% med . #extravirginoliveoil

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Oli Caronte

Coratina Premium per soli intenditori #extravirginoliveoil

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Mustafa Berkane


with and and #extravirginoliveoil this is high punching packed without any additives just good stuff to repair damage and make you and more important for me as I get a year older it’s very important to maintain it’s the secret to a long life and of course I don’t eat this every day as variation is key. your food and choose wisely what you take to nourish your body and don’t eat so called delicious bad foods I can see a lot of obesity around me here in Spain it looks like the sad diet from the US has invaded unfortunately this great country.

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