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EGELi SABAH (@egelisabah) Instagram Profile Photo


Ulaşımda kriz kapıda 18 Ağustos 2019 #eshot

Isabell Nielsen (@isalife72) Instagram Profile Photo

Isabell Nielsen

Perfect place for our evening walk #eshot

Kayti Bartel | Health Coach (@kaytibfit) Instagram Profile Photo

Kayti Bartel | Health Coach

LA Fitness - POWAY

Give us a flex if an @isagenix e+ shot saved your life today 💪🏼🙋‍♀️ • • • Not only is this little e+ shot great for a quick boost energy throughout your day, but it is packed with nutrients and adaptogens to help combat stress NATURALLY! Ingredients include Yerba Mate & green tea extract 😊 Can I get a hell yeah? 🙌🏼 Definitely been relying on these bad boys lately. Hit me up for more info about our Amped performance line for all you athletes out there! #eshot

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Shari Davis

I had a lovely lunch with Mom and Dick today. 🥰 The food there was delicious!🍲 The salad bar was impressive for a senior living home!🥗 I took Mom a carrot from the garden I weeded this morning. 🥕 She smiled when I showed her it.😊 My mom has Alzheimer's and she lives in the moment.👀 You can read her emotions and right now I see her light up when I enter the room. 💡 That means a lot to me! 💖 Wow, leave the garden for two weeks and it is out of control!🥬 I once again have lots of produce!🍅 Who would like some cucumber or tomatoes?🥒 If you are local I will bring them to you!🚙 It feels good to have the energy to just dig in and do it. 💯 I am digging it out one row at a time!🌽 If you are looking for extra energy I have found out why my nutrition choice works so well! 😊 You got to love those adaptogens!💕 PM me if you want more info! 💖 10% off sale ends Sunday at 6pm. 💪

C H R I S T I N E (@dr.christine.manukyan) Instagram Profile Photo


Stough Canyon Nature Center

What’s your motivation around your current health and fitness goals? Today I spent my morning learning and supporting my friend @aidatorosyan in her first health and wellness event “Why diets don’t work” I connected with several amazing women who are all looking for making healthy changes in their lives. Together we can concur the world, but first let’s concur these beautiful mountains . Join me tomorrow 8/18/19 at 8am in Brand Park for a quick hike . Bring your hydration, positive energy and don’t forget the sunblock . Message me for location if you are new to my hiking group.

Can’t be without my workout buddy!! Doesn’t shout at me, just supports and motivates my every move 💪🏼 💥Healthy energy 💥Mental clarity 💥Naturally sourced plant-based caffeine 💥35 calories Thanks to my e-shot I’m working out to the best of my ability every time! #eshot

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