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Denise Michelle♾BridgeTheLove (@denisemichellexoxo) Instagram Profile Photo

Denise Michelle♾BridgeTheLove

Mindset Transformation (@sonjacourtis) Instagram Profile Photo

Mindset Transformation

Илья Урлис (@urlis_show) Instagram Profile Photo

Илья Урлис

Saryta_LilVinegar (@saryta_fcn) Instagram Profile Photo


Saryta_LilVinegar (@saryta_fcn) Instagram Profile Photo


Kailee Place, M. Ed, LPC (@shiftingtidestherapy) Instagram Profile Photo

Kailee Place, M. Ed, LPC

SARUDA © ( Instagram Profile Photo


Romo Twins (@emolly.romo) Instagram Profile Photo

Romo Twins

Hollywood Zoe 🇭🇹🇺🇸🌎🖤💤♂‍🧟🏙🌴 (@hollywoodzoe26) Instagram Profile Photo

Hollywood Zoe 🇭🇹🇺🇸🌎🖤💤♂‍🧟🏙🌴

Dr Soph I Remote Therapist (@_drsoph) Instagram Profile Photo

Dr Soph I Remote Therapist

Dustin Alberich Arellano ( Instagram Profile Photo

Dustin Alberich Arellano

River of emotions .. let them flow let them speak bring you to life .. 🙏✍ #emotions

Marisa Cardamone (@natural_wellness_co) Instagram Profile Photo

Marisa Cardamone

• The dōTERRA Cheer uplifting blend of citrus and spice essential oils provides a cheerful and happy fragrance that will brighten any day. . . Wish you could carry the bright smell of doTERRA Cheer around with you all day? My Tip: Apply a few drops of the essential oil to a diffuser necklace to wear or try a cotton ball and placing it in your car. . . How do you use Cheer essential oil? . . If you’re curious about how essential oil can support your wellness, comment below or privately message me! I'd love to help you. xx Marisa

The Sober Lucy (@_lucyquick) Instagram Profile Photo

The Sober Lucy

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting this week on my journey so far as I reach the 8-month mark. 🥳 :: I can’t believe how much I don’t think about drinking anymore, how I don’t feel like I’m missing out whatsoever. How much my life has changed, how many new beautiful people I have in my life, but also how much stronger most of my existing relationships have become.♥️ I was telling my cousin on the phone during the week how I have this constant beautiful buzzing feeling inside of me that makes me just feel so bloody good. She said ‘You mean joy?’...’Oh yeah, joy, that’s what it is’ I replied laughing. It is joy, but it’s so strong, and so delicious and consistent!!! That’s the difference. It’s consistent!!! ✨ :: This level of joy has been so good lately, BUT my nasty bitch of a wine witch must have heard this news and has decided to pay me a couple of visits. ‘Hey Lucy you gorgeous girl, you know, now you feel this good, a few wines here and there is not going to be like the old days’...’Oh Really? How so?’ I reply. ‘You’re just in such a good place now, you are changed, more grounded and mature, you will drink slowly, you won’t turn crazy, you will be a normal drinker now. You won’t black out, or do things you regret. Well done on your achievement, but time to join the drinkers again.’ 🍷 :: Hmmmm, sound familiar? The best advice I received at the beginning of this journey was from a lovely lady at an AA meeting. She told me to get a ‘yuck book’ and write in it everything I hate about drinking, all of the negative it brings in to my life. I found an ugly green diary online and I’ve done what she said. 🦠 :: Every time my pesky wine witch comes over with her BS advice, I glance at my yuck book (or picture it in my mind) and witch escapes out the window.🏃‍♀️ :: The consistent joy is only so good because there is no alcohol. There is simply no capacity for both to exist in my life.✖️

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