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Self Love Heals (@selflove.heals) Instagram Profile Photo

Self Love Heals

Sometimes you use your cape for superhero things, and sometimes you just want to use your cape as a blanket. And that’s okay 🦸🏻‍♀ Photo by ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ 🌟👉P.S Click the link in bio @selflove.heals for the latest SELF LOVE PODCAST! It's FREE :)⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ __⁣⁣ ❤️Follow @selflove.heals for daily inspiration⁣⁣ __⁣⁣ __⁣⁣ __⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ 📷@decade2doodles💕 #emotionalburnout

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Aydınbey Queen’s Palace & Spa

🌙 Что такое эмоциональное выгорание? 👉Потеря интереса к профессиональной деятельности и личной жизни — то, что представляет из себя выгорание. Специалисты определяют это состояние как физический или психический коллапс, вызванный переутомлением или стрессом. Но хотя чрезмерная усталость является одним из признаков выгорания, оно усугубляется и другими симптомами. В йоге этот термин называется маятником. То есть когда тебе черезчур хорошо, офигенно весело и просто бомба 💣, то через какое-то время случается откат. Как бы в противовес ситуации, и после хорошего насыщенного дня или на след. день вы чувствуете вялость, апатию или напрочь ваш день «коту под хвост». Не зря есть поговорка «много не смейся, будешь плакать!» помните? Так вот, йога отличное лечение против «таких» дней. Посидите в тишине, по-медитируйте, послушайте приятную музыку, займитесь собой. А вообще, чтобы не было откатов, маятников и выгораний контролируйте свой день, эмоции, мысли. Все должно быть в балансе☝🏻✌🏻! Сегодня у меня именно такой « вонючий» день 😭, делюсь в вами своим горем и надеюсь на завтра 😣😏! .

Self Love Heals (@selflove.heals) Instagram Profile Photo

Self Love Heals

London, United Kingdom

Let’s all cook up a big fat love potion for ourselves ❤️👩🏻‍🍳 • • Credits amazing artwork yet again 😘 • • • • • • • • • • ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ 🌟👉P.S Click the link in bio @selflove.heals for the latest SELF LOVE PODCAST! It's FREE :)⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ __⁣⁣ ❤️Follow @selflove.heals for daily inspiration⁣⁣ __⁣⁣ __⁣⁣ __⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ 📷@janellesilver💕 mentalhealthsupport #emotionalburnout .

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NAMI Orange County

Feeling low? Here’s why it’s important to take a mental health day; We all have our low days but why wait for it to get worse before you let your mind get a day off? A mental health day may save you from burnout. You may have a firm head on your shoulders but that does not mean that you won’t have a day of emotional illness. Just like we fall sick once in a while and take a day off to rest we also fall mentally sick once in a while and our mind needs a mental health day. The everyday stress from your workplace and life can drain you out and make you feel too exhausted and most off us just ignore it. When you fall sick you don’t ignore it instead you see a doctor if it’s serious and if it’s just a common cold or fever or a headache, you simply take a day off the rest. If you feel physically fatigued, you take sick leave, but if you feel mentally fatigued you end up pushing yourself harder. You push yourself to work and ignore your mental health. Which is why most people don’t realize how big of a problem it is until they have a burnout. Once in a while when your mind feels low or sick you need a mental health day, just like any other sick leave use this day to help your mind relax and unwind. Every now and then your mind also needs a little break from the high stress at work. Don’t hesitate to ask for a mental health day to indulge your mind and get away for a day. Story credit @pinkvilla burnout

Почему я решил выкладывать свои фото в социальную сеть Инстаграм?(вопрос который мог беспокоить, беспокоит и сейчас, и некоторое время не будет ясен сознанию любого, видевшего мой профиль человека, а также всем тем кто смеётся украдкой, не показывая своих настоящих, истинных, и искренних эмоций...) #emotionalburnout

Korfu, Kerkira, Greece

You can’t pour from the empty cup. Most common thing forgotten when we care about our loved ones 👪♥ . Look after yourself if you want to look after others🤱 . Mums don’t have a day off, or a lunch break – not in the sense like it would be with your employment, where on your day off you are not doing anything work related 🥂💃 . When you become mother you are on duty day and night: keeping your baby happy, having your house organised, leading healthy lifestyle (what a joke 😂) , and staying positive is hard, if not impossible when you don’t have anyone to give you a break 🤹‍♂️ . And this break is crucial for the new mum’s wellbeing 🧘🏼‍♀️🕉 . Mums, have a break: go to the cinema, spa, dinner out with friends. Recharge, refill yourself with energy and self love. It is just as important for you, as it is for your family♥️ . . . . . . . #emotionalburnout 💕   @connectedwiththegram

WILHELMINA  FORD (@wilhelmina_ford) Instagram Profile Photo


Gold Coast, Queensland

I’ve always been a pusher, a go getter, striving for better and more. Competitive and resilient. Always seeming to land in my feet and able to always just work it out and get on. It has served me well for the last almost 40 years but that’s the beautiful of the mind and body. It always finds a way to make life work ... until it can’t. Yesterday my body screamed so loud it was impossible to not hear it, feel it or see it. I’ve run my body to the ground physically, emotionally and spiritually. It’s been a work in progress, from womb to present day, a choice to choose the harder road and experience life in some of the most challenging ways. Not always the best route. Yesterday was eye opening with a 2 hour bio resonance consultation. I went in because I felt overly tired all the time, felt overwhelmed, impatient and stressed all the time, and felt really polarised in the weight I was in, unable to move the last few kilos and huge pains in my gut every time I ate. The discovery was .... well let’s just say I had a lump in my throat the entire time and I’m still processing. As someone who has never believed in labels of medical conditions, always that it’s mind over matter, it is taking some time to digest. Words like chronic fatigue, underactive thyroid, testosterone levels higher than normal, iron deficient, grief and anger in the body, blocked energy pathways and a few other buzz words. Basically my body is overworked, underpaid and under nourished in every way possible. I can’t help but feel I’ve let myself down, that I’m overwhelmed with the journey ahead that I need to do to get back a body of health and wellness in mind, body and spirit and I also am told that feeling these feelings is an important part of starting to rebuild. So what now? A healthy dose of meditation daily, some amazing supplements, less stimulants, less intense exercise, allow myself to feel in the moment and learn to nourish instead of push. A rebirth from what I’ve always done to something different that is more on the nourishing, forgiving and less push through it and deal with it way of life.

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