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Alejandra Preciado (@_mrsapreciado) Instagram Profile Photo

Alejandra Preciado

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said “jazz•vur”

Minnesota State Fair

Senator Bernie Sanders visited @mprnews at the Minnesota State Fair today. "Many of the ideas I talked about four years ago, that everybody said were crazy, are now being talked about by every other Democratic candidate.” #Election2020

Americans Stronger Together (@popularpolitics) Instagram Profile Photo

Americans Stronger Together

a future free of the fear of Donald Trump. @thedemocrats #election2020

Hudsonville, Michigan

Trying some different yard sign designs as we get closer to 2020. I really like this one that Joe designed! What do you think? 🇺🇸🇺🇸 #Election2020

#Election2020 & Political News (@voter2020) Instagram Profile Photo

#Election2020 & Political News

FOCUS. We don’t need . Don’t waste your time and energy trying to change their minds. Like I always say, if they haven’t come around and woken the hell up by this point, they’re too far gone and too racist, too disgusting, too un-American to help at this point. What we need are the 46.9% who didn’t vote in 2016. If you’re one of them - believe me, I get it. But you do not get that opportunity in . You owe it to me, to us, to your children, to the country, and to the future to register and VOTE in #Election2020. . Do not waste your time with . We, as American people, are already great. Be it in the Deep South or big cities — we have some amazing people. I firmly believe that there are more of us than them. But we need to fix our systems to let us live up to our potential. We need to start thinking and operating like a democracy. . Vote for someone who shows you they believe in that and are willing to upend the system to make it happen. Vote for someone who inspires you. Fight for yourselves! I don’t care if you vote for who I like — just register and VOTE!!! .

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