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Chiara De La Mision

Only one of these left and then I'll be out of them for a few weeks! Working on getting oils infused so that I can get certain products restocked, but the process takes time. I'll be talking about this more in coming posts so that you know exactly what goes on into making these products! . . . . #ecochic

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Los paraguas cuando se rompen o se descomponen inmediato van a la basura y hay quien hasta tirados en la calle los dejan. Seamos más responsables y rediseñemos los paraguas para hacer impermeable para bolsa multiusos o bolso de mano. ¿Te gustaría tener outfits exclusivos para ti? En creamos prendas únicas a tu medida, de acuerdo a tú tipo de silueta,a tú estilo,destacando tus cualidades y confeccionadas a tú gusto y necesidades. De manera responsable y respetuosa con la naturaleza. tú ropa olvidada en ése closet lleno de nada que ponerte con #EcoChic  

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Nhi | Sustainable Living

Capri, Italy

Does it even matter what I’m doing? Have I made any difference? These are questions I’ve been asking myself since Wednesday... . I prefer looking at life as an optimistic person vs a pessimist. That doesn’t mean I don’t recognize the bad in life, in people. I don’t have too much to say except I feel defeated, helpless, hopeless, and wonder if my small contribution makes any difference. . I don’t want to imagine a life where the apocalyptic movies become a reality for my kids in their lifetime. Do I accept that there’s a (good) possibility of it?

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From Nature With Love

This simple and gorgeous soap bar uses our Ultra Clear Coconut Glycerin Melt & Pour Base, as well Fruit and Nut Seed Powders to create a beautiful, layered, mosaic effect. This recipe is perfect for beginners who are curious about soap making. Find the recipe on our blog; link in profile!

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