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Yis Hurtado


Subo está foto dónde aparece un chaman del Amazonas, llamado Leonardo y mi señor padre... Lo hago con el fin de comentarles que si seguimos a éste ritmo tan acelerado en poco tiempo no tendremos bosques, indígenas y mucho menos nosotros. "Cada minuto perdemos un espacio de bosque equivalente a 48 campos de fútbol," según WWF. Cada año, se cortan 15 mil millones de árboles para la agricultura animal, urbanización y demás, sólo queda la mitad de árboles que había en la tierra desde las civilizaciones humanas. Todos necesitamos árboles para vivir! 🙌🏻🌳❤️🌍

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Ñ Traducciones

En el Día de la Tierra, debemos recordar que por el momento es el único planeta que tenemos para vivir ~ N . #earthday

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Sankaty Head Light

Of the three lighthouses on Nantucket, Sankaty Light has to be my favorite. It’s signature red stripe differentiates itself from the other two monochromatic lighthouses. Sankaty is located in Sconset at the end of the popular bluff walk. From here, you’ll be able to get a first hand look at the erosion that is slowly chipping away at the small island. Some homes that are located too close to the cliffs are forced to spend the money to physically lift their homes and push them further inland in order to avoid falling into the ocean. Before I moved to Nantucket, I didn’t even know lifting an already built home was possible. Similarly, Sankaty was originally located much closer to the edge of the bluff. However, it was lifted and moved further inland for fear that the classic structure would tumble into the ocean. The bluffs are now fenced off to avoid onlookers from falling into the Atlantic. On the plus side, the lighthouse is now situated atop a makeshift hill, and has an amazing view of the surrounding area, which includes a couple of private golf clubs, the middle moors, and of course, the Atlantic Ocean. Pro tip, if you’re ever headed out to a Sconset, instead of taking the more direct route, Milestone Road, take the much more scenic Polpis Road. Going this route offers a pretty stunning view of the lighthouse as you get closer to Sconset, and it’s only a little more than 5 minutes longer to drive. Have you ever seen a house being physically moved before?

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