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reformstark Martin (@reformstark.martin) Instagram Profile Photo

reformstark Martin

reformstark Martin

Badetuch, Bikini, Sonnenbrille, Lesestoff, Sonnencreme – und WAS?ER: unsere für den perfekten Urlaub. ⁠ Startet gut in die neue Woche. Wer von euch ist gerade auf Urlaub? 🌱🍋🍎💦 ⁠ #drinkwater

Physique 57 Dubai (@physique57dubai) Instagram Profile Photo

Physique 57 Dubai

Physique 57

Hey you... drink some water 💧 (sidenote: THIS IS MAJOR! water dispensers are here🧜🏻‍♀️)

HobePergh (@hobepergh) Instagram Profile Photo


🇮🇹HYDRATING vs. MOISTURIZING: qual è la differenza?⁠ Anche il lessico fa la differenza sulla nostra pelle: spesso i due termini vengono usati come sinonimi ma si riferiscono a due azioni ben distinte dedicate a differenti tipi di pelle.⁠ IDRATARE vuol dire ridonare alla pelle la giusta quantità di acqua e quest'azione viene svolta da prodotti umettanti in grado di attirare l’acqua in essa contenuta facendola emergere sulla superficie.⁠ NUTRIRE significa affidarsi a prodotti ricchi di sostanze emollienti come oli e burri che rendono la pelle più uniforme e liscia.⁠ ⁠ 🇬🇧HYDRATING vs. MOISTURIZING: what's the difference?⁠ Even the lexicon makes the difference on our skin: the two terms are used as synonyms but refer to two very distinct actions dedicated to different types of skin.⁠ HYDRATE means giving the skin the right amount of water again and this action is carried out by humectant products able to attract the water contained in it making it emerge on the surface.⁠ MOISTURIZE means relying on products rich in emollient substances such as oils and butters that make the skin more uniform and smooth.⁠ ⁠ 🇩🇪HYDRATING vs. MOISTURIZING: Was ist der Unterschied?⁠ Sogar das Lexikon macht den Unterschied auf unserer Haut aus: Oft werden die beiden Begriffe als Synonyme verwendet, beziehen sich jedoch auf zwei sehr unterschiedliche Aktionen, die für verschiedene Hauttypen vorgesehen sind.⁠ HYDRATING bedeutet, der Haut wieder die richtige Menge Wasser zu geben. Diese Aktion wird von feuchthaltenden Produkten ausgeführt, die das darin enthaltene Wasser anziehen und es an der Oberfläche austreten lassen.⁠ NUTRIRE bedeutet, sich auf Produkte zu verlassen, die reich an erweichenden Substanzen wie Ölen und Butter sind, die die Haut gleichmäßiger und glatter machen.⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ #drinkwater ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠

Burnley Brewing (@burnleybrewing) Instagram Profile Photo

Burnley Brewing

Bridge Road, Richmond

Can’t decide? Go a paddle! 🍻 ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀

deTourhk (@detourhk) Instagram Profile Photo


PMQ 元創方

】   杯可以玩到幾盡?Loris & Livia 2011年的TIPSY系列,將1945年由法國經典餐具品牌Duralex出產的Picardie玻璃杯重新燒過,令每隻杯形都變得獨一無二。去年瑞士傢俱品牌IKEA與荷蘭設計師Piet Hein Eek所推出的INDUSTRIELL系列,將玻璃杯手繪草犒變成數碼繪圖大量生產,但仍保持原始手制的感覺。   今年deTour主題NEW OLD. OLD NEW.希望創作者運用「舊」的元素,創作出「新」的東西並賦予更深層次的意義;同時向大眾呈現當中的設計過程及思維。   有興趣參與opencall的話記得8月30日前遞交創意計劃書,將你心目中既 NEW OLD. OLD NEW. 話俾我地知!  The TIPSY series, which produced and designed by Lories & Livia in 2011, has deformed Duralex's Picardie glass and made each one unqiue. Last year, the Swedish homeware brand IKEA launched the INDUSTRIELL series with Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek. The original hand-paint haystack was digitalized and massively produced, but still give an imperfect, human feel without raising pirces.  deTour annual theme "NEW OLD. OLD NEW." aims to explore how co-creators could use OLD elements to give deeper textures to something NEW, meanwhile could reflect its own design thinking and creation process.  Welcome to submit your creative proposals to us by 30 August!   • Open call now • Submission period: Now - 30 August 2019 6pm Details:  #drinkwater 

SEPUTAR CHELSEA REBORN ( Instagram Profile Photo


intinya fokus next match gaiss, kita gangbang timya si puki ea

Monofit Weightloss (@monofitweightloss) Instagram Profile Photo

Monofit Weightloss

Ayutthaya, Thailand

Matcha is a powerful detoxifier capable of naturally removing toxins from the body. You can drink matcha tea as part of your "MonoFit detox diet". #drinkwater

Amanvida Biologische Webwinkel ( Instagram Profile Photo

Amanvida Biologische Webwinkel

Antwerp, Belgium

Wil jouw kroost na de klimaatmarsen het liefst een duurzame drinkbus of waterfles? Snuffel eens rond bij Amanvida. We hebben RVS drinkflessen, speciale waterflessen voor infused fruit water, RVS thermosflessen, glazen drinkflessen met prachtige prints of met een beschermhoes. 🌎💧💙⁠ ⁠ 👉 zie link in bio voor alle glazen drinkflessen⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ---⁠ #drinkwater

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