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CyberSecurity News

Mastercard Inc.’s European unit formally notified Belgian and German data-protection regulators of a data lapse concerning a loyalty program, officials said on Friday. The Belgian watchdog said in a statement on Friday that the card company alerted it to a “breach” detected on Aug. 19. It said the episode would have affected a “large number” of people and that “a significant portion” of them would be German customers. #dataprotection

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Neira Jones

My Weekly News Roundup... Happy Sunday! 😎⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ #dataprotection

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Software Blocks

Day 5. Introduction to Python. Python basics. -program flow, Strings -variables, lists, dictionaries -Oop #dataprotection

NADIE ESTÁ A SALVO: El New York Times informa que Worden presentó una demanda a la autoridad bancaria y una queja a la NASA. La acusación es por robo de identidad de McClain y acceso impropio a los informes financieros privados de Worden. Un abogado de la astronauta afirmó al NY Times de que se trató de una mera consulta de las finanzas aún en común. Esta violación de datos personales se convierte en el primer delito cometido desde el espacio. #dataprotection

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Mark Tucknutt

BLOC Hotel London Gatwick

Sign written on the mirror of a lift at Bloc Hotel Gatwick Airport. #dataprotection

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United States

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10 best and worst prepared countries for cybercrime.

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