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George Lakis (@kgeorgel) Instagram Profile Photo

George Lakis

Lincoln Road - Miami Beach

LIFE IS SHORT, BUILT STUFF THAT MATTERS. Bring your ideas to life. Get in touch to join us on the quest for innovations made easy! MEET MORPHOSIS! YOUR CO-FOUNDER Turn ideas into products. MORPHOSIS global community access to entrepreneurs, innovators, investors and mentors. It connects you with other like-minded people worldwide. #creativity

Xllfredo Santoyo (@xllfredo.santoyo) Instagram Profile Photo

Xllfredo Santoyo

Curso de muralismo 🖌️🎨👨‍🎨👩‍🎨 . Cuándo varías mentes creativas se divierten al mismo tiempo se obtienen resultados artísticos 🧠 gracias infinitas a tod@s los que participaron en esta gran aventura, en este gran mural @paunajerod @eflosilva @mimigmz @paoht03 @dazed_so @edwin @guillermo @irving , nunca dejen de crear 🖌️ Resultado del curso de verano de muralismo, sudor, valentía y esfuerzo, cada detalle, cada trazo fue realizado por los alumnos, yo solo fuí un guía 🎨 Espero como cada año , el siguiente nos espere de nuevo con una nueva aventura del mural 🔥 Gracias al pincel más rápido del oeste por el apoyo @negoock 🖌️ . . . #creativity

Being Basic ( Instagram Profile Photo

Being Basic

Introducing...Garden Supply Company! Your one stop source for all your gardening needs. We are excited to be working with this fantastic company's website and search engine optimization, blog posts where you can learn gardening tips and tricks, learn about beautiful flowers and plants, along with DIY projects and monthly recipes, while working on their visuals with beautiful new photographs and much more! 🌸🌼🌻🌿

megory16 (@megory16) Instagram Profile Photo


After a very long few weeks, this was full of much needed , #creativity, and fav 😊

Xlmind Innovation (@xlmindinnovation) Instagram Profile Photo

Xlmind Innovation

Give a child the right exposure and see the amazing result they will deliver...... Summer Bootcamp second edition for the year 2019 kick started on a great note.... #creativity

Dream Of Art, LLC (@dreamofart_llc) Instagram Profile Photo

Dream Of Art, LLC

Check out my adobe illustrator vector image trace skills. The Incredible Hulk Avengers movie image turned cartoon. FAN ART only by @dreamofart_llc Who’s your favorite Avenger? . . #creativity

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