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Lust & Silence (@lustandsilence) Instagram Profile Photo

Lust & Silence

Last glimpse at this corset and layers of matching skirt before it gets some beading 🌸 It will be modeled by the gorgeous @ivoryflamemodel at @conferenceofcorsetry this Sunday!! 💕 making

Thinking of painting the modesty panel for my current I want to use in a ... and soft do NOT seem like a good mix, so this and a solid acrylic sealant seem like a good alternative. I've never painted leather before. Why do I do this to myself? . . . After spending time re-working them making mirror copies of the ribbon panels for the pattern (I want to be super precise with the ribbon placement), I had some fun in options. So far this is my favourite, though it will mean placing some grommets over the design if I want it to be a proper floating panel. . . . . . The top seems a little bare though... I'd love to hear suggestions? . . . . . . making

Strained back seems to mean I can only do about 3 panels on the corset toile at once. Then I need to rest. But it's coming along.

Ophelia's Chamber Corsets (@ophelias_chamber) Instagram Profile Photo

Ophelia's Chamber Corsets

Small doll corset based on pattern in Salen's Corsets: Historical Patterns & Techniques. I beaded the front corners in sort of mock flossing. If I made it again, I'd give the pattern more definition, and go ahead and do the hand-flossing instead of the beads. It fits an AG doll, but the AG form is about that of a six year old. So tubular! (There, I said it .) Not exactly the practice I was looking for. I like the back more than the front, which is why it's loaded first. Cotton, coffee wrapper sealers as boning, twill tape, glass beads, aluminum 1-part eyelets, ribbon, miniature buttons. . . #corsetmaking

Brooke Kirkham (@brookettesdesign) Instagram Profile Photo

Brooke Kirkham

Made a pretty big investment a few weeks ago and It arrived today!! So excited to try is out and get cracking on my costume again!! #corsetmaking

I should have made this tutorial a long time ago but there is no point in crying over spilled milk. It’s here now. LINK IN BIO . I am planing on updating my existing patterns as well as their instructions. If you have any questions, suggestions, ideas, critiques or what ever, please leave a comment. I would appreciate your help in creating a better version! 😃 Thank you! 🖤🖤🖤 . . . . . . . #corsetmaking

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