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D R I C C A  R H I E L 🌀 (@driccarhieloficial) Instagram Profile Photo

D R I C C A R H I E L 🌀

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Chef Jake Brenchley

PICKLED VEGETABLES – Pickle Jars have been a favorite staple of mine for a long time. I especially love them on charcuterie boards, as a side for grilled fish and for serving with a great cheese. I feel that fruit is an ingredient that is often overlooked when creating pickling jars. Watermelon rinds are usually the only fruit I hear of that people are fond of in pickle jars. However, grapes, peaches, and cherries are truly incredible when pickled. The colors of the pickling liquids are stunning and make amazing vinaigrettes and dessert sauces. I have a few pieces of advice to get the best results when pickling. Best pickling tips - Use wide mouth jars that are nice, dry and clean. - Toast all spices before adding them to your pickling solution. For even better results, use your own signature pickling spice. I have a great one. If you are interested DM me and I will send you the recipe - Use only good crisp vegetables. If you can find grape leaves add them to your pickling solution as they contain tannins that will help keep your vegetables crisp. - Check the pickles often to make sure they remain completely submerged in the brine. #cook   🔪

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