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Matthias Schickhofer (@mschickhofer) Instagram Profile Photo

Matthias Schickhofer

The break down of production forests in Europe due to bark beetles and forest fires is not a "forest crisis" but a "plantation crisis". Leading experts urge policymakers to intensify efforts to preserve the last remnants of in Europe, as they have better resistance to climate stress and we need every square meter of intact forest for . will get much worse, we are just at the beginning... #conservationphotography

The National Museum of Finland (@kansallismuseo) Instagram Profile Photo

The National Museum of Finland

Kansallismuseo - The National Museum of Finland

Nick Brandtin valokuvanäyttelyn viimeinen viikko potkaistaan käyntiin lauantain asiapitoisella klubi-illalla, joka sisältää keskustelua ja musiikkia. Last Call to Inherit the Dust 24.8. klo 18-22 ➡️ . WASTELAND WITH ELEPHANT, 2015 (+ DETAILS IN SLIDESHOW) . An elephant strides across the savannah towards camera. But where a sea of grass once was, all is human garbage. . The original photo of the elephant is a previously unreleased shot taken in 2008. A beautiful bull with the unlikely name of Little Male. I was very fond of him. He was speared the year after this photo was taken, survived, but was killed last year after raiding farmers’ crops in the Amboseli ecosystem in southern Kenya. . A few hundred kms to the north is this dumpsite on the edge of the city of Nakuru. Elephants would have walked these hills several decades ago, walked across these plains and hills now strewn with garbage. . The people in the photo live on the edges of the dumpsite, and spend their days searching through the garbage for anything that they can use or sell. It’s not just the animals that are the victims of environmental degradation and devastation, but humans also. . Technical : As with all the photos in this series, the life size photo was glued to a giant aluminum and plywood panel assembled on location. Sandbags were used to raise up the panel so that the horizon lines matched up. Shot on medium format black and white film, the final panoramic image is constructed of several negatives to capture the wide field of vision, which were pieced together in photoshop. The final print measures 300cm long. . #conservationphotography

Kili Niedermeier (@kili_niedermeier) Instagram Profile Photo

Kili Niedermeier

Great Barrier Reef

I just had my first ever dive on the Great Barrier Reef! The weather was a little windy and chilly, but the dives certainly made up for that. I've seen so much on only one day, so I'm looking forward to the weeks to come. Still, even if it's winter here in Australia, many of the corals are bleaching either fully or just on their tips. I hope to in the next dives get a feeling of in what state the reef really is. I'll keep you updated, of course! 😉 _ On the picture is a pretty little nudibranch I have yet to identify 😁 _ _ photography

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Tiffany Wallace

@ilcp_photographers ・・・ Takeover by new Associate Fellow @maxime_aliaga // Papua New Guinea is a fascinating country with fascinating people. Those remote Islands host one of the most beautiful biodiversity in the world but also and incredible diversity of human and culture. Those tribes have kept a strong connection with nature and keep honoring their land as sacred places. I am pleased in my journey to have met these people and learned so much about resilience and the simplicity of happiness. They helped me a lot to grow spiritually and I learned among them how to keep connected with the simple, but essential things of life. This is this values I want to share in my work, if we want to preserve and live in harmony with nature, we will have to raise our consciousness to another level. It is all about contentment, love, admiration and respect. We don't need to over consume we already have enough. We have to make our choices by Love and not by Fear. We need to admire the beauty of nature as it will bring us pure energy. And finally we have to respect all form of life and be only one with nature. . . . photography

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Masai Mara National Reserve

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