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Mar&Ona ~ Sea&Wave (@mariona_alabau) Instagram Profile Photo

Mar&Ona ~ Sea&Wave

Damian Aspinall (@damian_aspinall) Instagram Profile Photo

Damian Aspinall

The lion bone trade is a massive problem which we cannot ignore! Thousands of lions are kept across hundreds of squalid farms in South Africa to be killed for their bones. The vile Pienika Farm, which I have posted about previously, is just one of many. DO NOT visit cub petting ‘sanctuaries’ DO NOT walk with lions and, as I’m sure every right thinking person will agree, DO NOT use animals as quack medicine! #conservationist

Albatross Stories (@albatross_stories) Instagram Profile Photo

Albatross Stories

‘I have always been fascinated by the creatures that call the vast oceans their home and know no borders. It didn’t take long for me to figure out that marine conservation was what I wanted to do and that fisheries management was an area where a massive impact could be made.⠀ ‘Albatrosses are amazing birds on so many different levels, but what truly drew me in to working for their protection was discovering that very simple solutions already exist to keep these birds safe at sea. Knowing that such small and inexpensive changes can be made to prevent thousands of needless deaths every year, I just couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else!’⠀ 👉 Our latest blog features an interview with Albatross Task Force member Nina da Rocha. You know what to do… link in bio!⠀ .⠀ .📷: @foxderren⠀ .⠀ . @rspb_love_nature @birdlife_insta ist

Paul Teasdale (@rawteasdale) Instagram Profile Photo

Paul Teasdale

Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

"Always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim . Silence encourages the tormentor never the tormented". - Elie Wiesel When a man knows himself he stands unwavering in his own moral code and speaks out in the face of injustice. It is better to be hated for standing against the conniving, than to be loved for being a sheep. Silence is compliance. Fight for what is right. Fight for those who are not there. Fight for those not strong enough to fight for themselves. That is the mark of Integrity. We all have our own Everest to climb..... have the courage of your convictions to get to the top. One love 💙 - Paul Teasdale   #conservationist  

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Dan O'Neill (@dansoneill) Instagram Profile Photo

Dan O'Neill

São Paulo, Brazil

The lungs of our Earth are on fire! 🔥🍃 Scientists from the National Space Research Institute in Brazil (INPE) have said Amazon deforestation has accelerated atna frightening rate since Bolsonaro took office in January. 🔥🍃 A daytime blackout in a Sao Paulo has now prompted thousands of people to rise up and take action for the welfare and future of the Amazon rainforest. 🔥🍃 Sao Paulo went down for over an hour on Monday after strong winds carried in the thick smog from vast forest fires burning in Amazonas and Rondonia, over l 2,700 kilometres away... 🔥🍃 is now a global social media trend - please join this movement to raise awareness about this accelerated destruction of the incredibly diverse and vitally important forest 🔥🍃 "It was as if the day had turned into night," -Sao Paulo resident . . . . . . . . . . ist

Riau Ecosystem Restoration (@rer_riau) Instagram Profile Photo

Riau Ecosystem Restoration

Can you imagine living in the middle of the forest without a phone signal and internet access, and the only things you can see are trees, animals and huge rivers?While many people in remote areas may try moving to big cities, the 60 rangers who protect RER have chosen different lives, electing to live and survive in remote areas instead and to enjoy it! Learn about our rangers’ daily routines by clicking the link in our bio! . . .                ist         

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