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Randalynn Vasel (@kickovariancancer) Instagram Profile Photo

Randalynn Vasel

H.O.P.E - “How Ordinary People Endure” - @poweredbyhope Teri Griege. This beauty showed up on my doorstep 3 days after I returned from Colorado, having just summited Mt. Sneffels - it was a surprise, that really made me stop and think, especially in the way she broke things down. You see, Teri is a stage 4 colon cancer survivor, going 10 years strong 🙌🏻 She’s someone those of us in the community look up to when we need to dig deep and find our inner strength and persevere. But this really explains it all - HOPE. People ask time and time again, how do/did you do response is always “I didn’t have a choice” and that is countered with “actually, I think you did...”. So maybe what it boils down to is hope...hoping this isn’t as bad as it seems, that treatment will work, hope that you won’t have a recurrence, that you won’t be diagnosed with another form of cancer...the list goes on and on, but it’s HOPE that gets us through each day. My hope is that one day people will no longer have to hear the words “I’m sorry, you have cancer...” or if you do, you no longer have to fear the outcome, holding on to’s why we, in the @pedalthecause family fight so hard to fundraise and ride our bikes as far as our little booties with carry us...for that will hopefully lead to a Thank you Teri and @poweredbyhope for this amazing medal - means more to me than you know!! For those reading this, there’s still time to donate to Pedal the cause through our rider’s page - mine is linked in my profile. #coloncancer

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Roswell, Georgia

Nobody can do for you something better than what you do for you. Nadie puede hacer por ti algo mejor de lo que tú haces por ti. #coloncancer

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John Rankin's Way Back

🥦 Scottish Salmon, local broccoli, mixed squash, zucchini and onions with purple potatoes make for a healthy meal. But only by using raw butter, olive and coconut oils with pink Himalayan Salt. 🐟🐟 #coloncancer

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If you know anyone suffering from and any other digestive issues that can be the number one cause of #coloncancer / get them on a healthy diet make sure they have a very stable / @vitaminbounty this will help them provide the nutrition for their body that they are lacking. ONE OF THE MAIN IS THIS WILL TRAVEL THROUGH THE STOMACH ACID INTO THE COLON AREA AND IMPORTANT AREAS ..

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