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Oriental Promise (@orientalpromise4) Instagram Profile Photo

Oriental Promise

Guangzhou, China

Dinner at the W Guangzhou - Japanese headed by chef Nakamura, with @playfulemma #codtesticles


Tried cod testicle for the first time and although I really liked the mild flavour, the texture is not for me. But I love trying new things, so now I know, I don't like cod testicles, lol. I also got to try firefly squid for the first time, which are tiny squids that are absolutely delicious! These came as part of the chonburi (12 pieces of sushi set) at Jugemu. I really liked the variety of the sushi (better than Yasu and Tachi, in my opinion) and felt that the price was reasonable. I prefer the sushi rice from Tachi and the wasabi from Yasu, but Jugemu really excels with their marinated pieces. Reservations are a must. @jugemutoronto @zakkushioncarlton testicles

Jo Eats Food (@jo_eats_food) Instagram Profile Photo

Jo Eats Food

Yasu Toronto

There's a first for everything. Cod testicles from Hokkaido, Japan from @yasutoronto . 🙊 YASU Toronto, Canada

Hanke Fischer (@chefhanke) Instagram Profile Photo

Hanke Fischer

Tokyo, Japan

An amazing Japanese eating experience with lots of “firsts”: *oyster with seaweed *smoked scallop with baby squid *cod testicles in a fish soup *raw glass eels and squid in liver sauce *sea cucumber with miso *fugu sashimi and tempura fugu head *steamed fish and tempura *sushi *cold soba noodles • • • #codtesticles

Donna Nguyen Chang (@life_withdonna) Instagram Profile Photo

Donna Nguyen Chang

Yasu Toronto

Perhaps not knowing that I was eating "cod testicle", would have made it easier to swallow the milky texture and flavour from the piece of sushi on the right. Can't say I didn't try it. #codtesticles

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