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Malaysia Coast Guard (@malaysia_coastguard) Instagram Profile Photo

Malaysia Coast Guard

Dataran Putra

Jom ramai-ramai kita ke Dataran Putrajaya bagi menyaksikan Acara Perbarisan dan Perarakan Hari Kebangsaan 2019 yang akan berlangsung pada 31 Ogos 2019 (Sabtu) bermula pukul 7.00 pagi. Saksikan kesegakan dan keterampilan warga dalam Kontinjen Keselamatan Negara #CoastGuard @kementeriandalamnegeri @perbadananputrajaya

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Amanda Rowe

This was amazing! So much detail and work put into this tribute truck! #coastguard

Pangkalan PLP Tg Perak (@pplp_tgperak) Instagram Profile Photo

Pangkalan PLP Tg Perak

Sabtu, 24 Agustus 2019, 53 korban selamat dan 3 orang korban meninggal dunia musibah kebakaran kapal KM Santika Nusantara yang dievakuasi oleh KN Chundamani - P.116 dari pelabuhan Masalembo telah tiba di Gapura Surya Nusantara Pelabuhan Tanjung Perak. Turut hadir untuk menyambut kedatangan KN Chundamani dan serah terima para korban antara lain Gubernur Jawa Timur Khofifah Indar Parawansa, Direktur KPLP Ir. Ahmad MM.Tr dan beberapa stakeholder terkait lainnya. Videocredit @dito.haris #coastguard

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Nicole Vessichelli

Coast Guard

Joint Commissioning Ceremony of USCGC Kimball and USCGC Midgett #coastguard

Jordan Guinn (@jkchevy350) Instagram Profile Photo

Jordan Guinn

Latest Veteran Owned Cigar Company. Grunt Rolls find them on facebook... #coastguard

@DamagedGoodsMCPhoenix (@damagedgoodsmcphoenix) Instagram Profile Photo


Anyone im the area that can help. Copied from a Group I'm in " Veteran Chuck Geertz from Muscatine Iowa was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident last week in Kansas City MO. and will be escorted home by fellow vets and a lot of motorcycles on Sunday August 25th. They are requesting we honor Chuck by painting state Hwy 218, and Hwy 22 with fire trucks, ambulances, law enforcement, citizens, and U.S. flags. Chuck will be met by a large convoy in Osceola Ia. around 1:00pm, travel East on Hwy 34 to Mt. Pleasant were they will stop and re-fuel. They will then travel North on Hwy 218 to Riverside, and then East on Hwy 22 to Muscatine. Any available trucks, cars and flag bearers willing to donate their time to honor this great veteran and his family home will be greatly appreciated. Would love to see ladder trucks out if possible. Chuck was a great asset to this country, if you do not know him personally. He put in countless hours of volunteer work to assist in the needs of disabled vets. He ran several fireworks stands in the area with all proceeds going to assist disabled veterans, and he always supported local volunteer fire departments and EMS agencies in the area. The convoy will tentatively be leaving the Mt. Pleasant area around 4:00 pm but times are not definite as these convoys usually travel around 50 mph, so times are not definite, will guess anywhere between 4-6 pm. I'm sure there will be good contacts and communication the day of. I hope to see a good turnout to honor this great Veteran home. If there are any further contacts you would like to add that I did not please do so. I do not have contacts for Louisa County if someone could forward this to anyone and everyone. Spread the word! Thank you very much!" #coastguard

Coast Guard Base Honolulu

We went straight from the soccer field to the dual commissioning ceremony for the newest National Security Cutters of the @uscg @uscghawaiipacific the Kimball (Daddy’s boat) and the Midgett. Pretty neat to be a part of such a big day for our Coast Guard! #coastguard

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