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Nephelai Gamer (@nephelaigamer) Instagram Profile Photo

Nephelai Gamer

What are you streaming this weekend? I will go for some shooters! #cloudservice

LetsCloud ☁ (@letscloud_official) Instagram Profile Photo

LetsCloud ☁

They blame it on JavaScript. 👀😂 ⠀ #cloudservice

Virtual Stacks UK (@virtualstacksuk) Instagram Profile Photo

Virtual Stacks UK

It’s hard to get out of an unsatisfactory situation. Make sure you take all the right steps before sealing the deal! Read our latest post to learn the most important things to look for in a hosting service provider. . . . . . Service

LeadingWaveTechnology (@leadingwavetechnology) Instagram Profile Photo


. 5G安全標準   行動通訊技術約以10年為一個演進週期,在5G面世後寬頻相較之下不再是新東西,每一個行動通訊的世代一如既往把頻寬與容量向上推升一級,所以5G的網路比4G快,就如同4G比3G快一樣。在巨量連結與超低延遲的需求下完全展現了來自科技的驅動力,過去1G到4G從未考慮到的延遲問題,在新科技應用下就成了必須改善的重要一環,巨量物聯通訊更是十年前沒人想到的事。頻寬的需求來自於傳輸使用習慣的改變,全球的行動通訊資料量在2023年將達到每月107EB,其中影音內容更達到73%,巨量物聯通訊則是IoT聯網裝置潛力的驅動,據市場報告推估,聯網裝置用戶數到2023年將達三百億,這都要網路頻寬、速度的升級來支援。   「5G將帶來智慧科技,但也讓人們的生活暴露在各式的安全隱憂中。」從各種案例如因違反生物特徵辨識資訊隱私法的Sony 機器狗Aibo、特斯拉自駕事故、波音737MAX的飛安危機等等,不論是逐漸被智慧化侵蝕的隱私權、演算法疏失還是商業考量凌駕飛航安全,皆起因於智慧科技發展失速下的安全問題。 所以近期學者凝聚產官學及其他利害關係者,將正確、適當、被證明有效的安全方法,透過共識訂定產業標準,讓領先的創新企業有更多機會在安全的實驗室環境向外界證明其創新安全無虞。如你想了解更多關於這方面的資訊,請聯絡我們。   查詢電話: 2781-3076 **免費完善計劃諮詢**

Silver Platypus (@silver_platypus) Instagram Profile Photo

Silver Platypus

In the last decade, there has been a shift in the IT talent pool, driven by the emergence of the Cloud. Now, we need more people who know how to configure cloud services.⠀ ⠀ Get the story at⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #cloudservice

LetsCloud ☁ (@letscloud_official) Instagram Profile Photo

LetsCloud ☁

The Internet of Things (IoT) has changed the way we do daily tasks. The smart homing, for example, allows people to start their air conditioners remotely, with a few clicks on their smartphones. This shows how internet has improved our lives. ⠀ It’s undeniable how cloud computing has become a mainstream on traditional IT and infrastructures. Just keep in mind how many big companies are using it for machine learning and for building solutions to be used worldwide. ⠀ This post is about the role of cloud computing in the Internet of Things and why they are inseparable. Check out now! 😜 ⠀ Access in bio. ⠀ #cloudservice

Grepix Infotech (@grepixinfotech) Instagram Profile Photo

Grepix Infotech

We offer you Amazon web service. It is considered as one of the safest platforms of cloud service. #cloudservice

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