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“A programmable logical operations”. Be an expert SysOps administrator and digitalize yourself. + computing

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Server Stadium

A dedicated server offers practicality by acting as a virtual in-house server which is closely-monitored, hosting processes for the client and maintained by the backend provider. Get in touch today!

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Campinas, Sao Paulo

☁️🌬☁️ | CLOUD COMPUTING | TECNOLOGIA EM NUVEM | Ainda em dúvida? Não sabe se é bom para você e para sua empresa? Fale conosco. | Somos Especialistas | ☁️🌬☁️ . . . . . #cloudcomputing

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Pinush Soluciones Informáticas

MUCHAS GRACIAS A NUESTRO CLIENTE DE JAÉN CAJAMARCA POR LA ADQUISICIÓN DE LA IMPRESORA TÉRMICA DE TICKETS modelo TP-300 / Pos-D y rollos contómetros para que haga uso de nuestro servicio de comprobantes electrónicos, muchas gracias! Somos proveedores autorizados de la marca Pos-D en equipos para punto de venta y todos a 2 años de garantía! • • 👉@heypinush👈 síguenos para más... • • #cloudcomputing

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Hardware Plug🔌

Los Angeles, California

Different Generations Different Series 🔥🔥🔥 🔌🔌🔌

After working overtime yesterday until late in the evening and today waking up early to finish after lunchtime. It was an intellectual effort and my brain was hungry for homegrown cucumbers, oranges, and fresh local strawberries. I was not drain but having to work all that time afront of a computer can be stretenous. I am glad I am having a break. I had time to go to the library with my son afterward and to the play ground and pass by the market to pickup those beauties. 🍓🥒🍊 My son was hungry for chocolate chips cookies so I made some for him as well. 🍓🥒🍊 Oh and thank to all of you who took the 4 minutes of your sweet time to watch my newly IGTV video and your feedbacks ❤️ It is a come back for me afront of the camera after a while being at a pause. 🍓🥒🍊 Enjoying, relaxing, breathing. Thank you God 🌻 #cloudcomputing

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ExamPro | AWS Coach | Cloud

It’s the weekly challenge. Can you guess which one ? #cloudcomputing

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