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Faith • Activism • Motherhood (@praywithourfeet) Instagram Profile Photo

Faith • Activism • Motherhood

Josue De Luna Navarro (@josuedeluna109) Instagram Profile Photo

Josue De Luna Navarro

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S P U L U®

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Adrienne Graves

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Lilia Bravo

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Welcome Home - Jersey City

Jersey City, New Jersey

@helprefugeesuk ・・・ Pia Klemp, the German ship captain who rescued migrants in the Mediterranean, as she refuses a medal from the mayor of Paris: "I'm not a humanitarian. I am not there to 'aid'. I stand in solidarity. We do not need medals. We do not need authorities deciding about who is a 'hero' and who is 'illegal'. In fact they are in no position to make this call, because we are all equal. "What we need are freedom and rights. It is time we call out hypocrite honoring and fill the void with social justice. It is time we cast all medals into spearheads of revolution! "Documents and housing for all! "Freedom of movement and residence!"' - Pia Klemp, 20 August 2019 ❤️❤️❤️ . . . . #closethecamps @never_again_action @americanfriendsservice @hiasrefugees @theirc @catholiccharitiesny @cws_global @cwsgso @lirsorg @firstfriendsofnjny @rdjrefugee . .

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A 36 yr old Pakistani refugee on Nauru has been hospitalised after he set himself alight today. This comes amid warnings the government’s attempts to repeal the medevac laws could have fatal consequences for refugees & asylum seekers on Manus & Nauru. . Meanwhile on Manus, more than 50 men were transferred from Manus to Papua New Guinea’s immigration detention centre in the notorious Bomana prison complex in Port Moresby this week. They have no access to phones and this has been done in a bid to block applications for medevac according to journalist & Manus refugee Behrouz Boochani. . . . Image @doctorswithoutborders #closethecamps

my first time in NorCal was SanFran-tastic ☀️ #closethecamps

Fat Lib Ink / Fat Rose (@fatlibink) Instagram Profile Photo

Fat Lib Ink / Fat Rose

Appreciating the expanding solidarity of solidarity! Let’s get those camps closed!!! . Posted @withrepost@tuscanybernier I was asked to out about this very important happening - a rally against the camps! If you're , I highly recommend you come. August 28th - be there or be square. WE DEMAND #CloseTheCamps [image: person in black niqab and rectangular glasses holds a sign that says “in solidarity with fat and disabled organizers join us Aug 28 at 6 pm outside Tippecanoe county courthouse 301 main st. Lafayette ”] Posted @withrepost@ywtf_lala Our members, and their children, know Join us Wednesday, Aug 28th, 6pm at the Lafayette Courthouse (link in bio). WE DEMAND #CloseTheCamps and

Fat Lib Ink / Fat Rose (@fatlibink) Instagram Profile Photo

Fat Lib Ink / Fat Rose

Posted @withrepost@amy_is_lamey Join us Wednesday, Aug 28 at 6pm at the Tippecanoe county courthouse! We want to #CloseTheCamps

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Border Kindness

Marcos y Molduras

Art Across Borders: A migrating exhibit for Border Kindness opens August 23rd in locations across Mexicali - and September 14, 2019 in Los Angeles at @avenue50studio Art Across Borders: A migrating exhibit for Border Kindness includes work by some of the world's most important artist/activists - including Arizona Alexakis, @eric.almanza , @agua.agujas , @devendrabanhart , @broloelcordero , @dily.daly , @ramirogomezjr @jennykendler , @tomkiefer.photographer , @kellylatimoreicons , @patrick_martinez_studio , @cabellmolinaart & @ernestoyerena ... additional artists to be announced. Thank you to the artists who have each donated their work in support of Border Kindness. Border Kindness provides migrants, refugees, and the displaced with comprehensive services that include food, shelter, clothing, medical care & legal services! MUCH more information coming very SOON! Thank you to the artists, @avenue50studio , @gseart ,@thestudiops, @faigaleh , @doloresjpadilla & @latimesevents Fine art printing by The Studio - Palm Springs Framing by @marcosymolduras #closethecamps

Fat Lib Ink / Fat Rose (@fatlibink) Instagram Profile Photo

Fat Lib Ink / Fat Rose

Posted @withrepost@alliecan Show up if you are able &/or participate in the many other ways. Learn more here: Fat & Disability Communities Unite to Close The Camps Wednesday, August 28, 2019 12p – 1p San Francisco ICE, 630 Sansome St. #CloseTheCamps — special thanks to organizing of @cripchick & @fatlibink [black and white photo of Allie, white queer disabled person, holding sign that says “DISABLED PEOPLE KNOW WE DEMAND #CloseTheCamps ”]

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