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Daniel Bachmann

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Pablo Panza

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Dr. Brendan Batt, DVM

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Breaking Box | Training Center

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Make it look Eazy!

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Abisag Villarreal Pretto

not only do hemp seeds contain vitamin e, potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium, iron and zinc; they are rich in two essential fatty acids — omega 3 and omega 6 — and are a great source of protein!

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Rose Performance Training

Harrisburg Weightlifting Club

This weekend! Registration closes tonight!! Events registration link in bio. .......... In this course, participants will delve deeper into topics covered in the Level 1 course, as well as learn about essentials such as competition preparation, proper nutrition and mental training for weightlifters. .......... Over the course of two days, expert USAW coaches will cover advanced strength and power development principles, scientifically based program design, national competition preparation and coaching strategies, as well as long-term development of weightlifters. .......... Participants will have a chance to discuss how to approach programming through examples of training systems and real-world plans for the development of weightlifters and other athletes. #clean

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