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J&®®¥D M@®© H£&L£¥

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Sofía García

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Marieke Kouwenhoven

☀︎ L I M E S ☀︎ | why opt for these green beauties over lemons in the summer season? . . T A S T E | Both lemons and limes are primarily sour with lemons being slightly sweeter and limes slightly more bitter. With their slight differences in taste, there is also a difference in their elements, which plays a role in their gunas ⇢ (qualities). . . V I R Y A | (potency/energy) Limes are considered cooling across the board based on ancient cultural rituals, whereas lemons are usually considered heating. For this reason, lime is usually favored in the summer and lemons in the winter. . . V I P A K | (post-digestive effect), lemons are pungent and limes are sweet. With sweet and cooling qualities favored for the summer season, limes are a better choice for this time of year, as lemon’s pungency can prompt pitta imbalances. . . L I M E S | are also a carminative, helping dispel excess air from the body and aiding in digestion. They are especially helpful in circumstances of dehydration. . . Does this mean no lemon in the summer? Absolutely not! Remember there is no good or bad, right or wrong, only choices and how choices impact us and the world at large. .. ✦✶ E V E R Y T H I N G I N B A L A N C E ✶✦ . .( & 📷 @chit.chaat.chai ) 🙏. . #citrus

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Bradley Oh


Buenos días 🍊🥭🍋 Quién por aquí es habitual del zumo de naranja o limón en el desayuno? Yo confieso que me encanta 🤩 pero no lo tomo a diario. Pero hoy, que es sábado, me he hecho unas tostadas de pan de nueces y pasas 🍞🌰 y un zumito con el café y oye, mucho más feliz para ponerme a trabajar 💻🧾📚📝📊📑 Feliz sábado! . Este es de @wrightkitchen #citrus

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