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Ethan • 19 • Milwaukee ✨ (@ethanwhite222) Instagram Profile Photo

Ethan • 19 • Milwaukee ✨

? #christmas2018

Clinton Kenneth Rasquinha (@clintrasquinha) Instagram Profile Photo

Clinton Kenneth Rasquinha

Grote Markt Brussel- Grand Place Bruxelles

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that." - Martin Luther King, Jr. . Picture Credit: One and only @shaktisnapshots @shaktigite . #Christmas2018

Noreen Effie S. Gatbunton (@noreffienephrine) Instagram Profile Photo

Noreen Effie S. Gatbunton

Winter Wonderland

We are more than lovers Yeah, we are all we need #christmas2018

Mistletoe Hawaii (@mistletoehawaii) Instagram Profile Photo

Mistletoe Hawaii

• Intricate • Sometimes, a lot of small ornaments on a tree can create a very unique and beautiful look 💫🎄. It just takes practice, practice, practice 😁.

Matta Nguyen (@matta_nguyen) Instagram Profile Photo

Matta Nguyen

“A person is a person through other persons” - Ubuntu #Christmas2018

What I may lack in baking skills or artistic skills I make up for in uh, enthusiasm? In any case, hard to mess up a cran-apple pie! Always tastes good no even if it burns a little (the secret ingredient is no egg) #christmas2018

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