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tidewater solidarity ↙↙↙ (@solidarity757) Instagram Profile Photo

tidewater solidarity ↙↙↙

We are going to be in front of Crackers Restaurant on Granby Street in Norfolk, collecting donations for the Blackjewel miners today, Friday Aug 23, from 1-3 pm! Camp chairs, water jugs, backpacks, tarps, sleeping bags, blankets and money are all needed/appreciated! Come out, and join us! Help us help our comrades! -ICE #chingalamigra

✨👩🏻‍🎨🎨🌵🌙🌈Bianca Mireles (@art.biancamireles) Instagram Profile Photo

✨👩🏻‍🎨🎨🌵🌙🌈Bianca Mireles

I’m officially doing a mural in BOSTON!!!!! (this is a digital rendering) with a YMCA youth group🎨❤️This is SO EXCITING Bc I used to be an art teacher &painted murals w my students. I’m so glad I found a way to still bring kids into the experience of creating on such a large scale 😆😆 This piece is celebrating the multiculturalism in Boston !!❤️ 🌍 ❤️🎨🔥 🌈. The color scheme is inspired by the Huichol tribes of Mexico ! With the current political discourse on minorities, this mural is a way for me to ASSERT a confidence boost into this diverse part of Boston!ITS A PHYSICAL MANIFESTATION OF Defending ones cultural pride and heritage. ✊🏽🎨🌈❤️🔥 #chingalamigra

Chicago, Illinois

“Ya me gritaron mil veces que me regrese A mi tierra por que aquí no quepo yo Quiero recordarlo al gringo Yo no cruce la frontera la frontera me cruzo” #chingalamigra

Tierra Y Libertad Organization (@barrio_sustainability) Instagram Profile Photo

Tierra Y Libertad Organization

Stickers coming up. Thank you @huarachesverdes for making this beautiful piece happen and come to life. @huarachesverdes ・・・ Final. Stickers coming soon. #chingalamigra

United States

So we danced to tune out the their cries to tune out their song. We danced to forget the empathy fatigue, we danced to forget our guilt, we danced to pretend we still kicked. “Dance me to the end of love” the song said. But you and I knew we we’d forgotten how to love. You and I knew we only lived to buy our way out of the coming end. #chingalamigra#///// @Regrann from @indigenous1492 - repost @ndn.o ✊🏽🏹

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