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Back to school for some of us but this will be Konnors first year 😊 he starts in the Chinese Immersion class on Tuesday and he is so excited—look out Ms. Yao, I don’t know if you are ready for this Kindergartener 🤣 😭 #chineseimmersion

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Kenzie Howell

Maverik’s first day of school landed on the same day as mine & Cam’s anniversary & Cam’s first day training for Southwest. We were both gone is Dallas & so sad that we missed his first day! I’ve been on the fence with full time school or keeping him home with me but ultimately we decided to send him this year. He got accepted into the Chinese Immersion program & is so excited to learn. Sounds like a trip to China will be in our near future! We know that it’s going to be a challenging year learning a new language & all day first grade. When I picked him up on day 2 of school I asked him how his day was & how he did in Chinese class & he responded with “It was good, Mom! It wasn’t even a challenging!” Hahaha. (Just wait buddy)I hope he keeps up with his excitement & confidence. This boy is so smart, but we gotta watch out for all the girls. He told me a girl chases him at recess every day. I mean I can’t completely blame her, he is handsome. 😍 #ChineseImmersion

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Jenna Anthony

Carrots 🥕 from the garden 😋 胡萝卜 húluóbo #chineseimmersion

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Philadelphia Chinese Academy

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Mantou, or steamed bun, is traditionally a food staple in Northern Chinese cuisine. This is because in parts of Northern China, wheat grows more than rice. Our campers loved these soft HOMEMADE fluffy buns. Paired with a delicious all vegan line up of blanched vegetables and tofu (drizzled in soy sauce, rice vinegar and sesame oil, finished off with refreshing watermelon) we were not surprised that there were little leftovers! . . . #chineseimmersion

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Montessori Nihao

Chinese character Matching game part 2 #chineseimmersion

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Montessori Nihao

Chinese character Matching game part 1 #chineseimmersion

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Singapore American School

Singapore American School

The Lessons Learned series takes us on the journey with SAS educators, showcasing the recent pathfinder projects—pilot programs and learning communities—that mirror the motivation, research, and challenges to transforming the education system, breaking frontiers and raising the bar. Click on the link in bio to read the first part of this series showcasing our Chinese immersion learning community. #Chineseimmersion

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