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SATERRA | HAIRSTYLIST (@sat.haira) Instagram Profile Photo


Cheveux Hair & Beauty

❗️HUGE TRANSFORMATION TODAY❗️ check out this babe’s new look! Her first time with short hair in 25 YEARS and she is killing it😍😍 • Stylist: @sat.haira • • #change

We should not complain if we are repeating the same patterns that are not advancing us in a positive direction. Not changing is choosing to stay exactly where we are today. #change

Rocks of Unity™ (@rocksofunity) Instagram Profile Photo

Rocks of Unity™

This Daily Dose of Kindness reminds us of the importance of being kind to others. Hate is learned, but kindness is instilled within us from the start. Each of us have a purpose within the world. The duration of our life cannot be predicted. With whatever time we have on this Earth, we are meant to make this world better than how we found it. Our legacy is everlasting. The way you treat others, especially those who are different from you, defines you as an individual. Although we may not agree with the opinions and decisions of others, we don’t have to be rude. We can simply understand that a difference is present. Wherever you go or whatever you do, leave a kind legacy. The legacy you leave will remain with you forever. Remember to share this WITH THE HASHTAG . Together we can make a change! ❤️ #change

Winter Garden, Florida

Last week was one for the books for our family. We are anticipating change and maneuvering through that change is always a personal challenge. I am a planner and when plans go awry I tend to overcorrect. Sometimes you have to take a moment and just breathe. And laugh. And take a ride on a child’s toy. #change

Woke to the planet 🌏 (orig) (@woke_to_the_planet) Instagram Profile Photo

Woke to the planet 🌏 (orig)

Did you know Greta Thunberg is now half way across the Atlantic ocean? 🌊 . I honestly cannot understand any criticism that Greta gets, it truly is pathetic. 😂 . She is an aspiration young woman and is such a role model for thousands of people, you go @gretathunberg !! 💚 . . 📸 @protect.environment . . . #change

Gabriela Gaweł (@kreator.piekna) Instagram Profile Photo

Gabriela Gaweł

Short number 3 🐦 Dobra pigmentacja to też wyzwanie! 💎 #change

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