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Kylie Rakes Koskan (@gargoyle_queen_reptiles) Instagram Profile Photo

Kylie Rakes Koskan

Really handsome male out of my pink pairing, . So far all kids from them have been more pink which was the hope. 😍 #chahoua

Limited Edition Geckos (@limited_edition_geckos) Instagram Profile Photo

Limited Edition Geckos

Shout to my friends at @guardiansofthegeckos for their awesome shirts!!! Brian and Priscilla love what they do and it shows. For available geckos, gecko food, PVC enclosures and more please check them out!!! # #chahoua #chahoua

Carolina Moon Geckos (@carolinamoongeckos) Instagram Profile Photo

Carolina Moon Geckos

Had a blast in Daytona for the National Breeder Expo. So glad my bff @herpetoculturepodcast / @palmettocoastexotics could join this year. Can’t wait until next year!

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