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Olga Henderson Hanson

The Circuit Bouldering Gym Northeast

Sorry! I have to share today’s fabulous send with you again. I know I just posted it a few hours ago while still @thecircuitgym NE, but I’m still so excited about being able to accomplish this! Twice now. This is the one that I flashed on Thursday! Both times I truly felt like I knew what I was doing, how to accomplish my three-part-bouldering goal: Climb up. Climb down. Return to climb again! My chalk prints are atop the wall’s edge, y’all! If the guys go to the gym tomorrow, I’m goin’ with ‘em! #cancersurvivor

My fan girl moment April 2017. I was awestruck meeting Eddie Money. Prayers to the Money Man and his family. #cancersurvivor

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The Cancer Majlis

دبي- Dubai

A punch or slap in the face.

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Y A N I 💕

Villa Cura Brochero

Bailar en la vida más allá de todo! 💃 Zumba me conecta con la vida, con sonrisas 😁y mucha energía💞. Cada vez que vuelvo a bailar soy muy feliz 😍. Hoy se festeja pq todos los controles dieron bien. 💪 Cada paso es un gran paso... Con actitud siempre 🤩 VAMOS CON FUERZA Y FE! @gabrieldominguez08 gracias por tanta buena energía. #cancersurvivor

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Mt. Nebo Half, Marathon & 5K

Life is tough my darling, but so are you. ••• In February 2014 my cousin lost her husband to cancer. She signed up for two races that same year to show her 4 kids that when things are hard, they are stronger. We ran the Nebo half marathon that year together. Jenni ran a 1:29:07 for a PR of 4:54. Then six weeks later we ran the St. George Marathon. Jenni came in at a 3:23:43 for a 6:48 min PR. 8 months after her husband passed away. ••• Four years later, July 2018, Jenni was diagnosed with breast cancer. I remember falling to my knees and crying when I heard. Her chemo wiped her out, but she was able to save most of her hair (to avoid looking as sick as she felt during chemo) through a process called cold capping. ••• A few months ago she asked me to run a half with her. She didn’t run one training mile faster than a 10:20 (she can’t elevate her heart rate) so we anticipated a slow but fun race. I said SURE! Let’s do it! She always told me I could leave her and run ahead. I told her weeks leading up to Nebo, several times that I wasn’t going to and I didn’t care. I joked about losing my bib so, but honestly I didn’t care. It was the best day ever! Running with Jenni has always been one of my favorite things and I was so happy to be able to be able to pace her! We ran a 9:30 pace today!!! 🎉 ••• She has now completed 6 rounds of chemotherapy, a double mastectomy, and next week will finish her last round of immunotherapy. She will start the last of her breast reconstructive surgery this fall and continue her one pill a day of tamoxifen for the next 9.5 years. She is the definition of TOUGH! ••• 2:04:41 time 13.18 miles 9:30 pace ••• TOTAL WEEKLY MILES 59.4 . . . . . #cancersurvivor

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Gaslamp Downtown

Minding my business. 🤐

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The Armer Foundation For Kids

Jordan is a 5yr cancer survivor and he came out to support Jordan #cancersurvivor

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