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kunwar surendra (@surendra1206) Instagram Profile Photo

kunwar surendra

अपनी सांसो में हर पल महकते महसूस करता हु तुम्हे, मेरे बहकने में भी तेरी महक का हाथ है....कुँवर सुरेन्द्र # #breath

Don Brooks (@wordsimages) Instagram Profile Photo

Don Brooks

"In a fog! If our intentions on living life to the fullest is not real, than we will be live for the job, and daily grime. How can I stay focus and keep my eyes on my dream? In the fog there is stillness! Oh my God help us find ourselves and forgive ourselves. I am grateful for my breath! Awareness is living your life to the fullest." #breath

Madeline Elizabeth (@essentially.madi) Instagram Profile Photo

Madeline Elizabeth

Anxiety. • Increased heart rate. Fast breathing. Sweating. Tiredness. Racing thoughts. Fatigue. Shaking. • Anxiety, it's a real thing and it comes in many different forms. Don't let anyone tell you differently or make you feel less than who you are because they don't feel what you feel. Anxiety is real and everyone experiences it differently or not at all....and that's okay! You aren't abnormal for having anxiety. You aren't less than anyone else. Your thoughts still matter. Your feelings are valid. • Anxiety is such a taboo topic that should be brought to light more than it is. Anxiety has become an over glorified word in the past few years and so many people think it's fake, like we're making up reasons to be stressed but I guess that's kinda the point of it all, right? Our minds work differently and have differently triggers compared to other people. It happens. • Anxiety's not fun at all but there are ways to cope and find balance. It's taken me so long to figure out what calms me and helps me find my center. I will always be a work in progress with it but just honing in on how I feel and being in tune with my body has made such an impact on how I react. Stay tuned this week on little tips & tricks to cope with anxiety! (I'm not a medical professional, just a gal sharing her strategies with others!) • Do you have anxiety? I'd love to create a community of people wanting to come together and share their stories and find peace together! Comment below or message me if you'd like to be a part of this!👇

Jeremiah G (@ohboy129) Instagram Profile Photo

Jeremiah G

Save your #Breath 💆🏽‍♂️😎

Kinnie Pop (@kinniepop) Instagram Profile Photo

Kinnie Pop

"And the Lord man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the #breath of ; and man became a living ." 📖 💪🏾 🐛🕇🦋

“Dragon’s Breath” - orchids are one of my favorite flowers; so one year i received this lovely plant as a present i wanted to take a photograph of it. of course the colors are very different in this image than the orchid was…but for some reason i love to change colors in certain projects for fun :) so when i finished editing this, the orchid reminded me of a fiery dragon.⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣either way, i had a lot of fun when creating this work! and I’m happy to share this with you all! :) ⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣have a great day everyone!!!!! thanks for checking out my artwork! i truly appreciate it :)⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣ #breath

Salma Paintings (@salmapaintings) Instagram Profile Photo

Salma Paintings

Look deep into nature & you will understand everything better🍃. #breath

Darius Murph Ebner (@d_dub513) Instagram Profile Photo

Darius Murph Ebner

#breath - relax in your safe place, let the day feel good. Space to yourself and take it all in 🆓🆙🕕

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