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anjélica { rae } diamond • 🌿 (@rae_ofsoulshine) Instagram Profile Photo

anjélica { rae } diamond • 🌿

I'll be honest , i gave in to the social norms when I really didn't want to . And the thing that made me break was my co worker calling me wolf woman , and making chewbacca sounds at me , yes you read that correctly - making fun of me for my body hair . Firstly I'd like to admit , I haven't shaved my legs nor underarms in over a year and this incident (after many others) made me drive home in dead silence , made me very emotional and made me feel judgement towards my body , when I felt so confident . I went home , walked straight into the bathroom and dug out a razor and shaved every inch of my body . Why ? I LOVE my body hair and I'm not ashamed of it whatsoever . Why did one man who I don't even know make me feel so insecure about myself .? Why ? When I've been so confident for over a year in myself . I regret doubting myself and giving into the negativity around me . I'd like to say , love yourself . All ways , always . Judgement hurts . So phuqyeww and your hurtful words . I'm not going to give into them again . I am me , and I am proud of that . But please love yourself . Feel secure . 💛💛✨ #bodyhair 🦋

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Cirillo Institute

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Some more art from my alternate account. The first one is about my body hair and the second one is just a doodle of me . . . #bodyhair

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Marina 🌼 Artist


As a teenager vs Nowadays Shaving #bodyhair

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