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✨Shae Bird✨ (@shaebirdwonders) Instagram Profile Photo

✨Shae Bird✨

Northcote, Victoria

Light friends so the bathroom at least looked warm while I shaved off most of my body hair 🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯 I have a complex relationship with body hair. I was assigned female at birth so socialised to see it as bad, but also in a feminist/hippy environment so it was seen as subversive and good. 🔸I’m grateful for Alok V Menon’s insight🔸 “policing of body hair has always been about race. the classification of body hair was foundational to defining race in the nineteenth century. in 1854 peter browne wrote Trichologia Mammalian in which he divided human species on the basis of hair. after Darwin (1859) race was often seen as an evolutionary continuum: racialized people were seen as closer to animals & white “civilized” people were seen as developing beyond us.” “everyone should be able to do what they please with their body hair, but regarding those of us who don’t remove it as “unhygienic” is cultural racism.” 🔸🔸🔸 In theory I’d like to own my body hair as a no binary feminine trans boy buuut I just feel more beautiful and right without it. I think body hair can be beautiful on people of any gender though and ppl who have it & rock it I support u ✨

London body centre (@londonbodycentre) Instagram Profile Photo

London body centre

Award winning laser hair removal - starting from £39 for SIX sessions! Inbox asap ...... Double tap to like Comment below #bodybair

The Getaway Spa (@getawayspawinnipeg) Instagram Profile Photo

The Getaway Spa

Body Hair is Normal! Wear it how you want ❤️! No judgement Zone ❌ Please don’t apologize for how the texture or growth of your hair. I’ve seen it all! Hair comes in all varieties. There is never anything wrong with you. Whether you want to be abundantly bare , or have a little tidy up 🧹 it’s your choice . @getawayspawinnipeg . . . . . . #bodybair

WorkOUT Gym Palm Springs

Arm day done. Didn’t feel up to the gym but got off ass and went. Not gonna turn into a muscled beast if I stay sitting on my ass, now am I. So who wants a lick at my pits? ;) . #bodybair

Azari Jacquan (@azaraptor) Instagram Profile Photo

Azari Jacquan

❤️Grandmas House❤️ I’m trying to get back to the art y’all ... I’m almost there !!! #bodybair

Becky Till & Mandy Paige (@wanderinguterussoftorgans) Instagram Profile Photo

Becky Till & Mandy Paige

Episode 22 is here: Enchanted Armpit Forest (aka Hygiene and personal care) Welcome, Beloved Listeners, to our bathcast, in which we discuss hair removal techniques, practices and it's history, acne perceptions and treatment, bathing practices, and Becky's microwaved armpits! #bodybair

WorkOUT Gym Palm Springs

So what have you done to make you feel proud lately? I wanna know! So I WAS kidding about stepping it up just for Leather Pride. I’m happy and proud with the progress that I’ve made and continue to make, even when social obligations, studies, and personal health get in the way of regular gym attendance (it can’t ALWAYS be a top priority, after all). But today is one of those days where I not only feel great about my workout, but almost every exercise saw an increase in weight lifted by 5 or even 10 pounds depending on the exercise. So... feeling pretty damned proud of myself tonight. ❤️ . #bodybair

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