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Jewelry By Helena ( Instagram Profile Photo

Jewelry By Helena

•Sea chocker •Handmade •Pearls •Chocker •📍€2,00📍 • • • • #blueandgreen

Buket Rin Performance Art (@buket_rin) Instagram Profile Photo

Buket Rin Performance Art

Stockholm, Sweden

not one of my usual caption but why not, yes 😊 l dont have baby skin. l (usually) eat clean and keep it clean, dont drink or smoke regularly and sleep 8 hours every day etc. but my skin does not show my life style, l think. it is still always sensitive, and never very good. l don't use many products and dont have much knowledge of them except for some. but l have been doing these face dunks l saw from @biohackingbrittany and took it one step further with lots and lots of ice. so basically you put lots of ice cubes in a big bowl with water and dunk your face (1-2 minutes in total). l do this every morning (when lm home), it is a bit addictive though for me, now l feel like something is missing the days l dont do it. it wakes me up, makes me feel super and it is for free! and l feel like my skin has never been better. it is still 100% and l dont think it will ever be but whatever. l feel like if l continue doing this l will look the same when lm 101 years old 🥳😇 also, always use headphones, dont put that dirty phone on your face. it's nnaaastyyy. whatever, l cant give advice but l love freezing my face, my housemates probably call me crazy. just wanted to share 💎 . #blueandgreen

Danielle Harley (@spiritofthe12thman) Instagram Profile Photo

Danielle Harley

Baker Lake

Game Day! Seahawks Third Pre Season Game, GO HAWKS!💙💚 #blueandgreen

☆ Made By Mee ☆ (@bracelets_made_by_mee) Instagram Profile Photo

☆ Made By Mee ☆

New Brunswick

🐠Fishbone bracelet! 🐠$3 🐠Approximately 25cm in total length Looks pretty cool on the other side too 😎 (last pic)

Giulia Fubelsy Carraro (@giulia_fubelsy) Instagram Profile Photo

Giulia Fubelsy Carraro

y tocó salir 🤣🤣🤣@aaron_alonso_herrera #blueandgreen

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