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Adain Jarrio (@adainjarrio) Instagram Profile Photo

Adain Jarrio

David A. Biekert (@davidbiekert) Instagram Profile Photo

David A. Biekert

What a scary situation. @thatsthepoint_brandon breaks down the moment a member of the terrorist organization, Antifa, approaches a man with a shank. These people are nothing short of domestic terrorists. #blexit

Abdullah Greencard (@abdullahgreencard) Instagram Profile Photo

Abdullah Greencard

First it was Netflix that stopped filming in Georgia because of the Heartbeat bill and their dozen of liberal propaganda series. Next it was Gilette with their anti- so called ‘toxic masculinity’ commercials. We The People hold more power than we think.. it’s time to stop letting these companies push their views on us! - - - - - - #blexit

Dr.h.c. David A.Velasco Sr. (@dr_dave_of_mojo) Instagram Profile Photo

Dr.h.c. David A.Velasco Sr.

Credit to from @thephillypatriotic (@get_regrann) - PLEASE REPOST & SHARE 💯 👊🏽Be Sure to Visit: @trumpocity @thephillypatriotic @phillyconservative @q.wwg1wga @rican_ontheright ______________________________________ Dear trolls: If you are an American citizen, Trump is your President. 😁 - - - - - - #blexit -

Tina {Sopranoo} Yang (@that_type_of_style) Instagram Profile Photo

Tina {Sopranoo} Yang

God Bless. not saying this because of Politics but She is actually a very cool and nice person. Well Educated and Mannered. , , 😊 😙🇺🇸 🙏❤️ #Blexit country, 1people, 1Glorious Flag, Indivisible, Faithfully.

"THE SQUAD" postcard prints are now available in the online store! 🇺🇸 Free US shipping, and there's limited stock available so grab one while you can 🇺🇸 😃 . . . . . #blexit

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