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Kristen J. Bates (@kristenjbates) Instagram Profile Photo

Kristen J. Bates

Beyond the Shaker

Two years ago today I accidentally began the journey of becoming a small business owner ❤️ Who knew it would be such a crazy experience!! I know I owe you guys the story of how it all came together, and I promise I’ll share it with you before the end of the year because it’s been quite the adventure!!✍🏻 #beyondtheshaker

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Serious roasted root vegetables - perfect for New England Nor’easter weather 💦💨 #beyondtheshaker

Chicago, Illinois

Dropped some new flavors for our Recover and Restore products last week. Café Mocha & Cinnamon Cereal Milk for Recover, and Cake Batter for Restore. Thanks to the community for helping us decide on these exciting new flavors, and special thanks to my partner in crime Dale for nailing the flavor (not easy to do with all natural and organic ingredients). @urtheanswer ——— We’ve got some cool things planned for later this year. One project I’m especially stoked about is likely going to provide a way for those less privileged to get the nutrition they deserve at little or no cost. We’re looking to change the game, no doubt. Stay tuned! #BeyondTheShaker

Art's Specialties (@artsspecialties) Instagram Profile Photo

Art's Specialties

Art's Specialties

These salts are an amazing way to spice up any meal. And now you’ll have a reason to be salty 😬 • • #beyondtheshaker

BM Ratings in the Windy City (@bloodychicago) Instagram Profile Photo

BM Ratings in the Windy City

Beyond the Shaker

[17.2] IF THERE WAS A PROBLEM, YO, I’LL SALT IT BLOODY MARY GARNISH REVIEW brand : Windy-City Celery* @beyond_the_shaker hometown 🗺 : Woburn, MA uniqueness 🦄 : Natural and unrefined sea salts that market a collection of unique and proprietary blends, pairing with premium local herbs and spices. Organic ingredients, sourced locally and blended by a top-rated chef in . The environment matters and this team cares! 🌎 . 100% biodegradable, environment-friendly packing peanuts 🥜 . Sustainable wooden spoons 🥄 . 100% recycled paper . *Unrefined sea salt coupled with celery seed and organic spices. Amazing atop pasta salad or sautéed veggies (or veggies on a ) 😉 Check out > #beyondtheshaker

Beyond The Shaker (@beyond_the_shaker) Instagram Profile Photo

Beyond The Shaker

Beyond the Shaker

Check out our featured salt blend! It's time to ditch the processed salt and dusty pepper and try our Fiery Peppercorn blend 🌶 . . . . . . #beyondtheshaker

Kayla Sanders (@kholtslag) Instagram Profile Photo

Kayla Sanders

Enjoying some aged cheddar and smoked paprika crisps with @beyond_the_shaker Fleur de Sel. Yum! #beyondtheshaker

Donna.Holden   🧘🏻‍♀️🍳🏃🏻‍♀️ (@healthytownliving) Instagram Profile Photo

Donna.Holden 🧘🏻‍♀️🍳🏃🏻‍♀️

Been busy in the kitchen this morning... supper in crockpot, dinner made for a friend who needs that today, & now my breakfast. 1 egg over easy, sautéed spinach, 2 slices of nitrate free bacon. All sprinkled with my new favorite salt from @beyond_the_shaker garlic, shallot Himalayan pink sea salt. Soooo good... you guys should order and these salts they are all so good & make great gifts for the cooker in your life 😉 Sponsored Ad #beyondtheshaker

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