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Liubov Lomonosova | Run Coach (@lyutsik) Instagram Profile Photo

Liubov Lomonosova | Run Coach

Nicolas Tanque Acosta🇲🇽 (@tanque22) Instagram Profile Photo

Nicolas Tanque Acosta🇲🇽

April Hubal #Dogmom (@aprilhubal) Instagram Profile Photo

April Hubal #Dogmom

Audi Rochelle (@audirochelle) Instagram Profile Photo

Audi Rochelle

Carlos Castillo (@carlos_alphafitness) Instagram Profile Photo

Carlos Castillo

Carlos Castillo (@carlos_alphafitness) Instagram Profile Photo

Carlos Castillo

Alexander The Cameraman (@alexanderaperture) Instagram Profile Photo

Alexander The Cameraman

Microbrasserie Kahnawake (@ktownbrew) Instagram Profile Photo

Microbrasserie Kahnawake

Valeria Gomez (@valeriagomez.j) Instagram Profile Photo

Valeria Gomez

Peaches Figure Salon (@peachesfiguresalon) Instagram Profile Photo

Peaches Figure Salon

Dr. Stephanie Estima (@dr.stephanie.estima) Instagram Profile Photo

Dr. Stephanie Estima

Junji Yokoyama (@jun.cyoco) Instagram Profile Photo

Junji Yokoyama

 2019 一家でエントリーしました〜 裸足の居酒屋リストア。 裸足マラソン運動会! ワークショップとかメキシコ食も楽しみ。 自分の番の時は、 #beastmode で狂ったスピード出すっす。

michelle wall (@mishellyw) Instagram Profile Photo

michelle wall

OC FIT Las2winz

Awesome practice this morning for the upcoming OCFit Games - Team Edition, in October! 🔥🔥🔥 . . Teams of 4 people: Each station was an AMRAP for 4 minutes. Each team member performs 10 reps/ 10 calories on Assault Bike/ or 1 lap of sled push or sandbag run. Then switch to the next team member. Keep going between the 4 members and complete as many reps as possible in the 4 minutes. The stations were: 🔸Assault Bike 🔸Dead Lifts (135 lbs women) 🔸Sled Push (was supposed to be one 45 lb plate for women 😅) 🔸Sandbag Run (not sure what it was supposed to be but I grabbed 40 lbs 🤷🏻‍♀️) 🔸Snatch (30 lbs women) 🔸Hand Release Burpee Push Up Hopovers . . Fun, yet so hard at the same time! 🔥🔥🔥 Thanks to @las2winz and @angelv5 for the awesome workout!! Loved it!! . . Congrats to everyone that raced at the @SpartanRace North American Championships today! And Good Luck to those racing again tomorrow! . . . #beastmode

Afterburn Fitness

First day back with a full SBD work after suffering from knee pain for almost a month now. Weights felt a bit slow but we are here to rebuild. Some top set snippets from today’s training session. —————————— Tempo Squat: 350 lbs x1 (@pr.incelifts with fly adlibs) Tempo Bench: 225 lbs x2 Deadlift: 185 kgs x2 —————————— @afterburnbarbell @fitlifeathletics

Susan Choi (@lily782) Instagram Profile Photo

Susan Choi

West Point, New York

This day can only be summed up with an epic jump shot photo. No words can describe the emotions and feelings felt today. It’s been an on going long journey to just get to this point and there’s still more work to be done but I’m just so happy to have completed my second race post surgeries with my amazing Sage Psychos/Spartan family. Love you all much! We did it! ❤️ . . . #beastmode

ÐêëPù Çhêchï 🇮🇳 (@deepuchechi) Instagram Profile Photo

ÐêëPù Çhêchï 🇮🇳

Mis u mama @bijendra_s ❤️🙏🏻. #beastmode

HamishRamdharry (@hamishramdharry) Instagram Profile Photo


Adrenal insufficiency triggers glucose Despite a balanced diet, if your adrenal glands are pumping out excessive cortisol, then glucose will be secreted into the blood stream. Insulin will rise and too much of it can lead to diabetes type 2. Cortisol makes the liver convert protein and fats into glucose. It also triggers the flight/fight mechanism which also releases glucose. Aldosterone upsets the sodium/potassium balance that leads to water retention. It also disupts the testo/estro balance. When looking to control bodyfat levels and keeping diabetes type 2 in check, ensure that your adrenals are balanced. A simple homemade herbal drink can achieve this as well as sufficient sleep. A full video of the adrenals can be seen on my facebook channel. Hamish Ramdharry Personal Trainer Lift. Be Champions . . . #beastmode

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