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Lily 🐯🐉 (@lily_da_beardie) Instagram Profile Photo

Lily 🐯🐉

Hi, hey, hello 🐯🐲 #beardeddragon

Vegas Reptile Rescue (@genius_blonde) Instagram Profile Photo

Vegas Reptile Rescue

Paradise, Nevada

My sweet little Romeo is home and has a place of honor with Pops and Di. I sorely miss my black bearded head bobbin Roro😞 the last picture in the slideshow was taken just 3 days before he passed, he loved zooming around the yard 😆despite having a broken back he still chased all the ladies 😍 Romeo and Juliet were traded in together, by a now former employee, and their horrible conditions weren’t noticed at first. Romeo was half the size he should of been from improper care and the person even knew his back was broken (his sister did it) when turning him in and didn’t tell them 😡 a lot of people believe they’re solitary creatures, and some are, but Romeo and Juliet were bonded. They’d get to each other and just hold their noses together and Juliet hasn’t been the same since. I had to remove his tank because every day she’d try and climb up to look in 😢 Rest In Peace Roro 🌈 thank you all for being a part of our journey ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 if you can’t rescue please help educate proper husbandry and don’t let friends impulse buy! #beardeddragon

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