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Did Jacques Kallis "swing the bat from gully?" _________________________________ Much has been spoken about Steve Smith's setup and "where" his bat comes from with experts saying they wouldn't advise others copy him for a myriad of unfounded reasons. As highlighted in a previous post, Smith unweights the bat and drops it into "the slot" beautifully in the same manner as every player who has averaged 50 or more in Test Cricket, playing 50 or more Tests. The error being made by pundits is they look at where Smith starts. Kallis was lauded as having text book technique. I certainly can't recall him being criticized for his bat "coming from gully" the way Smith and Amla were in the early part of their careers but if we take a look at the image of Kallis below we see his Bat Flow is incredibly similar to Amla. The general understanding of the fundamental's of swinging a bat is incredibly poor amongst players, pundits and the majority of coaches. A batsman not understanding how to effectively swing a bat is like a heart surgeon not knowing the basic structure of the heart. Understanding how to Set Up to Score, Proven Fundamentals and Point of Contact are the 3 Phases in the 2nd Step of our SIMPLE Batting Approach that enables batsmen to SCORE MORE RUNS. #auscricketawards

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