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$@ngi Choudhary

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Andrea King Lacey

It’s funny the way things happen in life, and how circumstance kind of forces you to address the things that challenge you. For me, that’s asking for help. Last Saturday my husband suffered a burst fracture in one of his vertebrae’s, cliff jumping at the lake. For hours I sat with him in the E.R. not knowing if he was paralyzed and how drastically our lives were about to change. Two days later we found out that he did not need surgery, as there was no neurological damage and by the grace of our higher power, that he was going to recover, 100%. He stayed in Trauma for 3 days to be monitored and I tried my best to keep everything else moving. It’s a blur to remember. The night before the injury I had said to him, I’m at my max capacity, and then the next day, this thing happens and it’s just so overwhelming because you’re like, ok, now there’s this... That’s fucking life. And everyone is experiencing different sorts of challenges, constantly. But the kids still need to be fed, and parented, and there’s work, and bills, and the dogs, and so on and so forth. But you’re also just sad and scared, and need to take care of yourself so that you can be there for your family. So you ask for help. It’s not a weakness. The way our friends and community have rallied around us this past week truly brings me to tears. The load was too heavy and people just continue to show up for us. Thank you. I’m also sharing this because I believe in the power of communion of people’s thoughts. So whatever powers you may have, send them up for the folks that need them. And ask for help or be of service. Make a dinner for a friend. If you can’t cook, or live out of town, have it delivered. Help them with their kids. Offer to clean their house. Mow their lawn. Show them love. 🖤 #askforhelp

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Happy Buddha 🙏

🌱H O P E ... hearing other people’s experience.🧚‍♀️

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Just had to share... Todd and I went to Austin. TODD AND I WENT TO AUSTIN!!! He had a conference for KW and I wanted to tag along. For 5 days! 3 of those days our 3 kids were with two of my girlfriends who so generously agreed to help us with caring for them. These two wonderful humans have been my friends for 15+ years. I didn’t know I could even ask them for this help. But I figured I should just ask anyways. I wrote out a lengthy profile for each kid, emergency contacts and any additional pertinent information. I got plenty of updates, of how well behaved the kids were being and tons of cute funny photos. But I was also worried for my friends sanity. Going from 0-3 kids in a day is a big transition. On their 3rd day I asked how they (the adult friends of mine) were doing. Above are their responses. I’m sharing because I want my mom friends to know YOU are validated in ALL the encompassing feelings that motherhood brings. You are doing important HARD work. “Cut yourself all the slack in the world” was repeated to me several times. “I don’t know how you do it” And now it seems very clear “how”... with the village of people who care. Who love me and my family. Who want to see us happy. So a few lessons here. 1: ASK FOR THE HELP 2: CUT YOURSELF THE SLACK 3: Do the things that bring you joy. 4: Find your village & be grateful for them. Thank you friends I appreciate you! ❤️❤️❤️

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Anxiety Support Group

Comment below if you UNDERSTAND 😂😂💖 . . Join the support group @anxiety.assist

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🍃K I M Hynes

Saint Augustine Shores, Florida

📒What story are you telling yourself? . 🔸Are you telling yourself that you can't lose weight because of genes, not enough time, or it's too expensive? . 🔸Do you constantly tell yourself that you will start on Monday? After the holidays? After your birthday? Jan 1? . 📝You are in charge of writing your story. . 🔸It's OK to ask for help. . 🔸Your mind has amazing power to overcome whatever past story you have been telling yourself. . 🔸You can create a new body through new choices and you are more than your body. . 🔸You may have certain genes, but you can express them differently.⭐️⭐️Truth! . 👉Best of all, it's NEVER too late. . 🔸Having a health coach is great way to take the blank page and rewrite your story with a happy ending. . 🔸🔸Contact me for a free consultation. DM or email

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