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Alexandra Carrera

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Nicki Rose MS, RD

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That it’s Friday now makes me happy. It’s easy, and it’s not as easy. We are having your favorite steam buns for breakfast. It’s amazing that I am passionate about the whole thing. (I mean Friday, hahaha)(no, seriously I mean making breakfast) it’s more like a hobby than a habit. I enjoy both tho. Brekkie is the first guaranteed good thing happening everyday. So blessed. #arugula

- — — — — — Follow me: @Eric.Travel.Eat - Good morning San Francisco! You can’t go wrong with and #arugula . Simple yet hit the spot! Perfectly paired with a cup of dark roasted pour over! Happy friyay IG friends! Cheers to a beautiful weekend! – • • • • • ————————————————————————

Nashville, Tennessee

My Blue (Agave) Heaven - MYgarita (see comments if you don't get the name) Casa Noble Blanco Tequila, Chareau Aloe Liqueur (w/ cucumber, lemon peel, muskmelon, and spearmint), Limeade, Pure Lime Juice, Arugula (muddled and strained through)... Garnished with Arugula Leaf and a Lime Wedge. All organic everything... except a small bit in the Aloe Liqueur... Made this the other day as a little kick off to my first 'real' vacation from 9-5 (even though I'm focusing on other work, this is still big for me) and also a bit of practice for 'date night'... Yeah I'm pretending to have a date night now. I'm real person as fuck right now on social media. Change my mind #arugula

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Mallory Bennetts

S A L A D 🥗 I’ve had several of you reach out about my salad I’ve been making this week, so I thought I’d post it for anyone that would like to make it at home. — Salad: Arugula Chopped Walnuts Shaved Parmesan Cracked Black Pepper — Dressing 🍋 Juice of 1 Meyers Lemon 2-3 Tbs of EVOO- lately I’ve been using Avocado Oil 1 Tbs of fresh Minced Garlic (I love garlic) 1 good squeeze of Spicy Mustard (any mustard works. I’d stay away from ground mustard.) 1 small squeeze of organic Honey Black Pepper Himalayan Salt Red Pepper Flakes Give it a big stir until all mixed together. *All amounts can change. You really can’t mess this dressing up. If you want it more tart I’d say less honey if you want it sweeter add more honey. It’s so easy and enjoy!! • • • • • #arugula

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Makeover My Leftover

Nero Belgian waffle bar

❤️ to the day I had the BEST waffle of my LIFE! Nero Belgium Waffle Bar in 🇨🇦 A Brussels waffle, incredibly light and crispy, made from a yeast leavened batter, topped with massive amounts of arugula, prosciutto, brie cheese, honey, pine nuts, and local gooseberries! WOW right?! Yes, I ate the whole thing and no there were no leftovers! @nerowafflebar

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Pizza & Pasta

Pesto Lovers! 🍝😆 Our Arugula Pesto is back ! 🎆 #Arugula 537-6376| ** Available with gluten free pasta **


Only bad thing about pictures of food, you can’t taste It!! This was packed with flavor. Chickpeas, lemon juice, olive oil, shallot, parsley, basil, red onion, garlic paste, garlic salt, red pepper flakes, and my personal favorite, parmesanno arreggiano (I hope you said this with an Italian accent) oh and some garlic bread, gotta keep them vampires away ya feel?!? 🧛‍♂️ 😂. . . #arugula

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