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Atlanta, Georgia

Sometimes, I wonder about the kind of world we will be leaving behind for our descendants. 😕Amazon rainforest, aptly termed “lungs of the earth” is burning, and many news outlets did not even bother reporting it until a few days ago. Greenland lost almost 197 billions tons of ice this July alone. Small island nations like Maldives are slowly sinking. The list is endless. The least we can do at this time is take climate change seriously and start talking about it instead of calling it a hoax, fake news etc. 🤦🏽‍♀️ #aoc

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Real Truth Media

Do you think this accurate? How bias is media these days? #aoc

Last week President Trump tweeted out of nowhere that he was interested in striking a deal with Denmark to buy Greenland off their hands. Greenland does have plenty of natural resources and is located right where any nukes towards the east coast would pass through. This move was, however, met with plenty of laughter from Denmark as they said that the era of buying land from other countries has long passed and that Greenland wasn't for sale. They then mocked President Trump by offering to buy Puerto Rico, citing that he obviously wasn't doing a good job at taking care of it. This would be a dumb move for the United States for several reasons. For starters, we would already know if there was a nuke hurling our way by the time it got to Greenland. If we wanted, we could probably get permission to put defense mechanisms in Greenland if we really had to. Furthermore, the mineral wealth wouldn't be worth the price tag we'd probably end up paying. Lastly, Greenland is losing tons of ice as is, soon enough it's gonna be reduced to nothing of value. A lot of people think this is just President Trump deflecting from the upcoming recession, I personally think it's just because his brain's melting. Either way, in the words of President Trump, "not good"

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L' Apero Wine

Château Le Doyenné “En muchas regiones de Francia, pero particularmente en Burdeos, las bodegas grandes o pequeñas suelen poner en su nombre el prefijo “Château”, más allá de que el edificio de la finca sea realmente un castillo o no. Los grandes Châteaux eran propiedades de la nobleza con extensiones de viñedos considerables a su alrededor.” #aoc Vía:

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